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Degree Programme in Social Services

The objective of the Bachelor of Social Services programme is to educate experts in supporting people's life management with competences for working in such fields as education, rehabilitation, preventive work and maintenance of functional ability. The degree programme looks at life management and ways of supporting it, taking into account the possibilities associated with both interpersonal relationships and structures of society. The students develop competences for working in versatile social service roles that promote social inclusion, well-being, functional ability and safety of individuals, families, and communities.

The Bachelor of Social Services programme is based on the competences needed to work in social services. At the core of this competence is understanding the societal significance of supporting people's life management and holistic encounters, interaction skills needed when working with people, empathy, responsibility and skills in guiding individuals and groups. The graduates will be qualified for jobs in the public, private or the third sector.

The programme produces experts for the broad field of social services, where many different competence requirements are stressed. Key competence requirements are associated with the ageing of the population, supporting children and families, marginalisation, social rehabilitation and reinforcing inclusion.

Core competence gained in the degree

In the Bachelor of Social Services programme, core competence modules include:

•                          Working with customers in social services

•                          Service systems, inclusion and exerting influence in society

•                          Approaches and methods of work in social services

•                          Expertise in development and workplace renewal

The programme includes a work placement, for which 45 credits are awarded.

Additionally, all students will expand their competence by taking complementary modules. These modules support individualised study paths and competence development.

The Tikkurila campus offers modules in early childhood learning and child welfare, work with families, social welfare work, and creative methods in wellbeing work. As part of creative methods, students become familiar with the possibilities of using music, image, exercise and dance.

Career options

Bachelors of Social Services graduating from Laurea find jobs in a wide range of roles in the social services sector. The most typical job titles are social welfare supervisor, instructor, supervising instructor and family worker; or alternatively graduates are employed in projects. A Bachelor of Social Services may also work in different expert roles in planning, implementing, evaluating, coordinating and developing work. Tikkurila, Hyvinkää and Otaniemi campuses offer studies in Finnish leading to kindergarten teacher eligibility.

Job titles

•                          Social welfare supervisor

•                          Family worker

•                          Student welfare officer

•                          Project worker

•                          Project manager

•                          NGO employee

•                          Service entrepreneur

•                          Social welfare officer

 Finnish language skills requirement for the Degree Programme in Social Services

All applicants for the degree programme in Social Services are required to have basic Finnish skills (level B1). Link to the Common European Framework of reference for languages:

In year 2016 students of Degree Programme in Social Services in English will study in Laurea Tikkurila campus.
For further information on the study contents, please see the Study Guide or contact Ms Tanja Tamminen, tanja.tamminen[a]

How to apply

Please read through the certificate requirements, entrance exams and application instructions available at How to apply



Next application period

Next application period January 9th to January 23rd 2019.

Studies will begin in August 2019


Bachelor of Social services

Duration of studies

210 cr, 3.5 years 

Tuition fees for Non-EU /EEA students 

€ 8000 / academic year

Read information about available grants >>

Language of studies



Laurea Tikkurila


Academic year 2017-2018

Contact person

Head of Student Affairs
Tanja Tamminen




New experiences in an international internship<img alt="" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/News%20pictures/International%20internship%20Correctional%20Services%20Laurea.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />New experiences in an international internship
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Miia Haanpää chosen as Laurea Alumna of the Year<img alt="" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/Miia%20Haanpaa%20vuoden%20alumni%20sosionomi%20Laurea.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Miia Haanpää chosen as Laurea Alumna of the Year




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