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Degree Programme in Safety, Security and Risk Management (BBA)

Laurea is the only University of Applied Sciences in Finland to offer a degree programme in safety, security and risk management.

At Laurea you can study to become a professional in the field of safety, security and risk management. You will learn to plan, deploy and evaluate organisations’ safety, security and risk management and lead different teams and working life projects. You are able to profile yourself as a specialist in the field of security, safety or risk management, physical security, information security, cyber security, security of business operations, business continuity management, security of society, occupational safety or personnel security.

During your studies, you will learn to assess the financial effect of safety, security and risk management procedures and the effect of related and occurred risks. Studies include communication and multi-cultural studies, since maintaining and developing a secure and safe living and operational environment requires networks and collaboration skills. You can also start your career as an entrepreneur during your studies.

As a Bachelor of Business Administration, you will have an effect on the companies’ and organisations’ productivity. Besides safety, security and risk management, your core competence areas will be customer oriented service business development, marketing and management. Also understanding financial management and compliance requirements will be emphasised during your future career. In addition to your skills and competences you are able to research and analyse organisations’ external environment and create development plans.   

Studies at Laurea utilise group work as a learning method, allowing students to gain valuable experience in project management. The material for the studies is available in print and electronic forms, and the Leppävaara campus library has the country's largest safety, security and risk management related collection of books and articles.

Degree programme in safety, security and risk management consists of modules

Core competence modules (150 cr):

  • Business operations (30 cr)
  • Basics of corporate security and risk management (30 cr)
  • Service business (30 cr)
  • Expert in work community (30 cr)
  • Expert in development and workplace innovation (30 cr)

Complementary modules (60 cr):

  • Risk management (20 cr)
  • Corporate security and safety operations (20cr)
  • Security in open society (20 cr)

You can choose studies from other Laurea's campuses and degree programmes (e. g. Business Information Technology, Business Management) and from Laurea's partner universities in Finland and abroad.

Special competences are built by profiling

You are able to profile your competence through the work placements, thesis and complementary competence modules. You may profile yourself to e. g. risk management, corporate security and safety operations, security in open society or cyber security.

The modules of complementary competence include e. g. security, safety or risk management, physical security, information security, cyber security, security of business operations, safety of products and services, business continuity management, security of society, occupational safety and personnel security.  

Structure of studies

Laurea's full time studies in English start in every August. Full time studying requires student's ability to participate in contact teaching during day and evening time at working days. In addition to this, studies include individual and group based learning assignments and virtual studies, which makes studying more flexible.

After your graduation from a University of Applied Sciences, your possibilities in the job market will be diverse: you could find a position in a private sector company, in local or central government in the public sector, or in the third sector including NGOs. You may also become an entrepreneur, and you may even start your entrepreneurial activities while still a student.

Graduates of the Safety, security and risk management programme will have good job opportunities in several sectors, and they will be eligible for a great variety of roles nationally and internationally.

Possible job titles include e.g. .:

  • Risk management specialist
  • Risk manager
  • Security and/or safety specialist or planner
  • Security and/or safety manager
  • Teacher or trainer of security, safety and/or risk management
  • Fire inspector



Next application period

9.1 - 24.1.2018
(Studies will begin in August 2018)


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Duration of Studies

210 ECTS,3.5 years

Tuition fees for Non-EU /EEA students

€8000 / academic year
Read information about available grants >>


Espoo (Leppävaara)

Language of study


Contact Information

Mari Koski
Head of Student Affairs

Senior Lecturer Juha Putkonen




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