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Restaurant Entrepreneurship

The international and growing service field needs people with planning, organising, management and development competences. The focus of these studies is on helping students acquire entrepreneurial skills for restaurant entrepreneurship. An innovative approach is the key success factor for competitiveness in this field.

Students will combine theoretical knowledge with empirical field work. Service design methods are implemented in innovation and development projects, such as BarLaurea student restaurant and other development hubs, as well as versatile projects support learning and the development of professional competence.

In addition to service business studies, the degree programme covers a wide range of studies in communication and interaction, since the ability to network and understand the needs of customers is a core competence. Restaurant Entrepreneurship studies provide the skills to work as an entrepreneur in the restaurant business or other service field.

Restaurant entrepreneurship studies are implemented through projects. A student applying for a place in the restaurant entrepreneurship programme must understand that the studies are not based on conventional lectures, theoretical studies or applied learning assignments. The education must provide the students with genuine capabilities for becoming entrepreneurs, and the foundation of the studies thus is student entrepreneurship, team work and real-life projects.

The students learn about restaurant entrepreneurship by running projects and later establishing own companies. The students and student teams will be responsible for developing their own competences. The teachers' and supervisors' task is to support the studies, guide the students in finding the correct information, and assist the teams. The theoretical aspect of the required competences will be developed by means of essays and assignments that demonstrate the students' ability to apply their competences.

To follow this programme, the students need to be independent, committed, and have a genuine desire to operate as entrepreneurs. The courage to tackle various tasks and shoulder responsibility are preconditions for successfully completing the studies.

The competence modules in Degree Programme in Restaurant Entreprenuership
• Business and Entrepreneurship knowledge
• Flexible Customer Service
• Customer-oriented Service Business Development
• Work Community Expertise

For more information about studies in the Degree Programme in Restaurant Entrepreneurship see description and curriculum at our Study Guide or contact Head of Student Affairs Mari Koski at

How to apply

Please read through the certificate requirements (includes English language skills requirements), entrance exams and application instructions available at How to apply



Bachelors degree

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Duration of studies

210 cr, 3.5 years

Language of Studies


Study Guide


Next application

10. - 25.1.2017


Laurea Leppävaara

Contact person

Mari Koski,
Head of Student Affairs

Marjo Pääskyvuori
Senior Lecturer





Laurea UAS students take part in the Food Waste Festival<a href="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/Saa%20syoda%203.jpg"><img alt="" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/Saa%20syoda%203.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /></a>Laurea UAS students take part in the Food Waste Festival
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