Additional Bachelor's programmes in Finnish

Degree Programme in Beauty and Cosmetics

A Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics (estenomi) is a specialist who operates flexibly in the field of beauty and cosmetics. The education leading to the degree of Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics provides capabilities to develop business operations in the field. As a specialist in his or her field, a Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics promotes networking and cooperation in the field as well as distributes diverse, up-to-date and proven information about cosmetics.

Students improve their core competence in the field by acquiring information to become specialists in two large areas of expertise: business operations in the field of cosmetics and knowledge about the raw materials used in cosmetics. Students deepen their competence by bringing together what they have previously learned into a holistic competence and by practising applying their knowledge, for example, in education, consultation and cosmetics marketing. Students develop and reform the field in projects together with working life.

Degree Programme in Physiotherapy

The foundation of physiotherapy is physiotherapy science, which focuses on movement, mobility and functional ability of human beings and how those areas linked with the individual's activity. Working as a specialist in physiotherapy requires an in-depth understanding of the theoretical foundation of the field and a capability to apply it in professional activity.

The most important areas of expertise in physiotherapist's work are encountering the client and building an interaction, instructing and guiding the client, as well as use and application of manual and technical skills in physiotherapist's work.

Analysing and developing one's own work as well as the command and building of the field's knowledge base is part of expertise in physiotherapy. Systemic knowledge and an ability to build different wholes and see the interconnections between matters are required in physiotherapy. A student of physiotherapy develops towards expertise in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Degree Programme in Social Services, Correctional Services

The aim of the degree of Bachelor of Social Services in Correctional Services at Laurea is to educate qualified professionals to managerial and specialist tasks in correctional services. The broad approach that is central to the degree, makes it possible to find employment in public administration outside the field of correctional services.

As a Bachelor of Social Services specialised in Correctional Services you ensure the safety of individuals and of society by maintaining a just, legal and safe implementation of sanctions. The central aim of correctional services is to contribute to reducing of recidivism and to combat the progression of marginalisation that sustains criminality.

The goal of professionals in Correctional Services is to support people's well-being, inclusion and functional capacity, and to promote life without crime and encourage commitment to society. Bachelors of Social Sciences in Correctional Services work for example in prisons, in community sanctions offices and in the third sector. Job titles include for example senior criminal sanctions official, criminal sanctions official, senior instructor, assistant director.

Laurea is the only university of applied sciences that provides education in Correctional Services. The education is implemented in cooperation with the Training Institute for Prison and Probation Services.






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