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In order to sign up for this master's level course, you must have a previous Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree.

Basic information

  • Target audience: In order to study in this course, you must have a Bachelor's degree
  • Application period: December 9th to December 31st 2021
  • Date: January 15th to March 11th 2021
  • Scope: 5 credits
  • Location: Online (Or at Tikkurila campus if contact teaching is permitted)
  • Price: 75€

Course content

During this course you will learn the concepts and models in global infection prevention and understand infection prevention in national, international and global settings. In addition, you will learn about global and local immunization programs and standardized infection prevention protocols in health care.

Course schedule

January 15th 2021 9AM-4PM (8) Introduction of the studies and assignments. Presentations and discussion about Adherence to IP and IC guidelines.

February 12th 9AM-11.30AM

March 11th 2021 9AM-4PM

The studies take place at Teams (or at Tikkurila campus if contact teaching is permitted).

Course literature

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