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Student union Laureamko

 Student Unions protect students’ interests and promote their well-being. There is a Student Union in every University of Applied Sciences in Finland. The Student Union of Laurea UAS is better known as Laureamko. Laureamko is very closely involved in the decision making processes in Laurea, bringing in student views. There is a Laureamko office and Agents on all Laurea Campuses. Stop by at the office if you need anything!

As a member of Laureamko you’ll get all student benefits in Finland. These benefits are accessible via the Laureamko student card. As a member you can also acquire the sports pass which offers many different sports services around the capital region.

Laureamko hosts a host of different events like sports tournaments, parties, movie and board game nights, bowling events and other activities to help the students bond.

Check following links to know more about Laureamko.

Laureamko website    Facebook    Instagram






Laureamko tutors at your service<img alt="" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/Haalarit.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Laureamko tutors at your service
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