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Student restaurants

Students can have lunch at every campus for a student price. Also others than that students have a a chance for a lunch at campus restaurants. Have a look, what is on the lunch menu today:

• Hyvinkää, ISS
• Leppävaara, BarLaurea
• Lohja, Luksia
Otaniemi, ISS
• Porvoo, Restaurant Campus
• Tikkurila, ISS

You get a reduction for a price with a student card, Kela's meal card or Lyyra-sticker.  Please show  the valid card/sticker when paying for your lunch.

The student card has to be a blue card from SAMOK or SYL or green card of SAMOK. The student cards given by Finnish Railways VR or  Matkahuolto  are not accepted. If you have not got a student card, but you still doing studies that entitle reduced lunches, you can get a suitable certificate from Students affairs office.