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Service promise

With our service promise:" We are here for you at Laurea" we mean:

You can study flexibly

  • You make a personal study plan at Laurea that supports your goals.
  • You can plan your own study schedule.
  • You study in genuine working life projects.
  • Because flexible studies can be realized, you can fast track your graduation.

You get guidance and feedback 

  • By means of various guidance measures, we support your personal individual development and the progress of your studies.
  • As teachers and tutors, we give you feedback on your development on a regular basis.

You build your future with us – together with working life

  • We’re committed to acting in cooperation with you and your working life in accordance with the Learning
    by Developing (LbD) approach.
  • You have the opportunity to perform your studies even totally through working life development projects. 

You get high-quality services that support your studies

  • We make it possible through these services for your education to progress and ensure smooth sailing with your everyday studies.
  • We provide you with guidance and counselling in all matters connected with your studies.