Restoring and extending study entitlement

Application for restoring study entitlement

A student who has lost his/her study entitlement may apply for restoration of their study entitlement.

Students obligated to pay yearly tuition fees are considered to have neglected their obligation to register if they have failed to pay the tuition fee for the following academic year.

Study entitlement may be restored in cases where the student is able to complete the remaining studies within a reasonable time after the re-establishment.

In accordance with a government decree, a fee of 50 euros will be charged for processing the application.
You can apply to have your study entitlement restored with this form.
If your studies are older than ten years, before filling the application, contact Student Affairs Office of your campus.

Follow the instructions below:




Discretionary extension of study entitlement

If a student is not able to complete his/her studies during the study entitlement period, he/she must apply for a discretionary extension before his/her study entitlement period ends.

The student must present the special reasons he/she uses to justify the application.

It is only possible to apply for an extension of the study entitlement during the application periods: 1.11. – 31.12. and 4.5. – 31.7.  You can apply to have your study entitlement period extended with this form
Enter the application with your Laurea account and password. Form is open during the application period.

In accordance with a government decree, a fee of 50 euros is charged for processing the application.

In case you don´t have access to online bank service, please contact the Student Affairs Office for cash/card payment.

It is only possible to grant an extension to a study entitlement if the student’s graduation within the extension period is realistic.

It is generally only possible to apply for an extension once and only up to a year.

An extension is not granted if the student has already completed all the requirements for the degree.

Decisions on applications are sent to the student’s Laurea email address. Please make sure that your email account is not full. An extension is only granted for a special reason and it is always discretionary. It must be realistic to complete the studies within the extension period.

The study entitlement of students who have not been granted an extension will be declared expired and the student will be registered as resigned.

Students who are dissatisfied with a decision made about restoring study entitlement or extending their study entitlement, are entitled to make an appeal to Laurea Board of directors within 14 days of receipt of the decision. Appeal can be sent to:

Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Laurea Board of directors
Ratatie 22,
01300 VANTAA








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