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Commissioning a thesis

Theses produced by Laurea students tend to develop the world of employment. They are often development tasks or studies made to order. The purpose of a thesis is to produce new knowledge that serves to solve a practical work-related problem. A good thesis has immediate value for the entity that commissioned it. 

Most of Laurea's theses are commissioned by employers.  They often involve a practical work-related problem for which a development approach is sought. Combining these often makes it possible to find new concrete ways of developing business activities, or the activities of public entities or associations. 

Paying a fee for a thesis is not a requirement, but doing so often serves as a good incentive for a demanding task. 

A thesis that is part of a degree at a university of applied science comprises 15 credits, which is the equivalent of about three months of full-time work. Usually a thesis is written toward the end of a student's studies and is connected with the student's advanced studies. The thesis is usually involves work by the individual, but it can be done by a team of two or more, or the thesis can be part of a larger project involving several students, groups of students, and teachers. The thesis of a student working on a master's degree is worth 30 credits. 

You can read the most recent theses in Theseus, the online library of Finnish universities of applied sciences. 

Order a proposal for development or new ideas as a thesis

Does your organisation have a need for new information or for the development of activities? Offer the task as a Laurea thesis. A proposal is not yet binding at this stage. A more precise commission is agreed upon later.







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 Links<a href="" title="Theseus database"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">Theseus</a>Theseus gives you online access to theses and publications from all Finnish UAS.