An internet wellbeing service for seniors and their caregivers –all help in one place. wellbeing website was developed during InnoEspoo’s project to support senior citizens’ and their caregivers’ wellbeing in everyday life. The website was officially opened on 29th of August 2014. Information about senior’s needed services and products have been gathered into one website.  Such services and products are for example; cleaning-, fixing-, meal-, and health services as well as assistive devices. One can find the latest articles on healthcare and wellbeing, fitness instructions, and other useful information for seniors.

All the events, activities and hobby groups have been gathered into one section, where one will also have access to these service providers’ websites. From “activity” section one can find direct links to newspapers, television channels’ online shows and movies, take different kinds of test to measure one’s ability to function, and games. It also offers instructed fitness-, meditation-, and relaxation videos made by Laurea University of Applies Sciences’ physical therapy students company “Kuntopolis”.  With these videos one can maintain their mobility and ability to function every day at their own home environment.

The service website has been developed together with senior citizens in different kinds of workshops, where their needs and challenges were mapped out. The website was created based on this information and with the support of innovative service design models. The service brings relief to seniors’ everyday life and also provides new operational environments for companies and entrepreneurs in Espoo area.  It also strongly supports the creation of new startups in wellbeing industry and courage students to start their own businesses. Seniors, their relatives and caregivers, service providers such as companies, public- and third sector parties, and students will meet at The website is completely developed and maintained by students.

European social fund is funding the InnoEspoo project, where other participants are City of Espoo, Laure University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University, Omnia Vocational College and several companies. The goal is to enhance small- and students entrepreneurship in different levels and fields of degree programs.  has won an international Design For All Foundation’s ”Best Practice” award in 2014 and is currently competing for ”Best Practice” award in Paris. 

Contact information:
Aluepalvelupäällikkö Pia Kiviharju,
Lehtori Sari Jääskeläinen,






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