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During a work placement period a student can take part in a variety of development tasks in the organisation of the employer-partner. Over the placement period, the student gains work experience in his or her own field, which is of benefit both for the partner and the student. Skills that are acquired during the placement increase the student's readiness to work in the field. The placement also supports the employer's recruitment processes. Placement is one of the most important collaborative practices with the world of work.  

Laurea guides the students into work placements according to the needs of partnership organisations. The length of the placement period usually lasts from 2.5 to five months. In some degree programmes students have the possibility to do the placement work in the summer, making it possible for the placement to serve as a fixed-term employment contract in the manner of a summer job.     

The goal of the placement period is to support the studies of the trainee, to familiarise the student in a guided manner to the key practical tasks of the job and to improve his or her professional capabilities.

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Are you looking for motivated skilled people? Do you need expertise from a certain field or target country? Do you want to increase multiculturalism and linguistic skills among your personnel? Do you need people for an international project? Laurea can also offer international students as interns. 

Inform us about a vacant internship in your company by filing this form.

Placements for the healthcare and social services sector are communicated through Jobstep, the joint employment service of Finnish universities of applied sciences. 

Expertise at Laurea

Students at Laurea have the ability to observe and apply studied information. Our students are eager to learn, active, motivated, linguistically skilled, and willing to get a grip on tasks. They create the latest information and new kinds of approaches to work and the world of business. International interns in particular can help an organisation to internationalise.


Benefits of placement for the employer

Initially, commitment to an intern is for a fixed term only. This supports recruitment and reduces the risks related to recruitment. Laurea students find work quickly. It is a good idea to establish contact with the best experts already when they are students. When you target your trainee spots to Laurea students you will have a selected group from the very beginning. In their studies, Laurea students have become familiar with a workplace-oriented working method; they bring a breath of new air to the workplace.







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