International intern

Laurea has several degree programmes that are taught in English. In addition to Finnish students, these degree programmes have students for example from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

During their studies at Laurea, our international students gain a comprehensive understanding of Finnish business culture and work methods with the objective of getting employed in Finland. Placements play an important role in the development of language skills and an international student's identity as an expert.

International experts study at Laurea in the following fields:
• Business Management
• Business Information Technology
• Restaurant Entrepreneurship
• Nursing
• Security Management
• Social Services


Why hire an international intern?

International students can offer innovative and creative solutions to the challenges your company is facing. Students can also act as a link between your company and international partners with their language skills and knowledge of different cultures. Laurea has international students as both full degree and exchange students.

The employment prospects of Finnish students who graduate from Laurea are among the best in all of Finland. We also want to guarantee our international students good employment prospects as experts in the fields they have studied.

Benefits for companies in brief:
• The opportunity to develop language skills and multicultural expertise
• Internationalisation of business activities
• Utilising the cultural background of the intern in business activities
• You have the possibility to recruit someone from outside the EU, e.g. from Asia

CIMO, an expert organization in international mobility and co-operation, has listed some practical instructions in their The employers' guide for hiring an international intern 2012 (in Finnish). Further information (in Finnish).


Contact us

Please notify us of an available internship spot via our contact form.

Healthcare and social services internships are posted on Jobstep.

Please write a description in English, as the best way to reach international students.






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