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Do you want to find your dream job or internship? You might find it in the "Network to Get Work" event. In the event, you have the chance to meet companies to discuss employment opportunities. You can also suggest project or thesis topics for them.

This is a great chance to create new contacts that can be beneficial for your future career. By coming to this event, you can find a lot of different companies from various sectors. They all will be there looking for potential employees.

The event 2018 takes place

In the main lobby area at Laurea's Leppävaara campus (Vanha maantie 9, Espoo) on 6th of March 2018 at 14-16 o'clock. The event is intended for students in the field of Business Management, Hospitality Management, Restaurant Entrepreneurship, Business Information Technology and Security Management. Alongside with the event on campus, there will also be a networking event online: Network to Get Work Online on Slack.

The event's entrants must register in advance as visitors . See instructions below.

Event Programme

Various companies and organizations will be presenting themselves in the event. The organizations participating in the event can be found from the "Participating in the event" site (in Finnish).  You can get to know the companies and discuss employment opportunities with them when you visit the company stands.

Programme for the visitors

International Internships, Applications, Resources and facts

Session room: Leppävaara campus 182
Time: 14.30 – 15.15
Contacts: Riikka Lindholm ( and Conrad Lyaruu (    

International internships are a wonderful way to test out your potential career, and gain international work experience in practice. Being able to work in a multicultural, international environment is an important competitive point in the growing competition in any working field. If you are interested to complete your traineeship abroad, and don’t quite know how to start the process or what the employers will want to hear from you, join this session with the International Office at Laurea to learn more. The session is organised in a seminar form.

You will find out about the credits and duration of traineeships, immigration issues and grants that are available to fund your time abroad. We will discuss topics such as differences in communication styles, how to present your experience and motivation in your application, and how to write an internationally appealing CV.

We will show you different sources where your search for international traineeship places can start from, discuss any questions you may have as well as give information about different responsible parties in the international internship organisation process. We will present GoinGlobal job and internship platform and you will find out about internship contracts, insurance information and other important factors to consider while planning of your international traineeship.

Students who will join the session can also receive tips about where other students from their study field have found internships, and possibly contacts to those organisations. Many of our students, in addition to working in private companies abroad, have also worked in Finnish Embassies and diplomatic offices, charity organisations and European Union bodies. Students will also learn about some of Laurea’s partner universities, which can accept our students to internships with them or to companies in their regions in for example Mexico, Germany and Korea.

Join our session, and get inspired for your international work experience!

Interview with Falck:  Live streaming directly from the Falck office

Session room: Leppävaara campus 195
Time: at 14.30 – 15.15

Getting ready for job search?

Apart from the substance knowledge, do you know what kind of working life skills are the employers expecting from you now and in the future?

How many employers do you really know? Talking about Falck, do you recognise the opportunities this international company offers to business graduates?

Participate in an interview session with Maiju Pesonen from Falck and you will find out J
Maiju is studying at Laurea and works at the same time with Falck as Head of Operations, responsible for recruitment for operative tasks. She will be interviewed (in English) by a fellow student, Linda Joyner. In this session you can also present questions.

Falck's activities are directed at preventing accidents and disease; providing assistance in situations of emergency, accidents and need; and helping people move on with their lives after illness or accidents. Falck has business activities in 46 countries on six continents.

The event is organized by Erasmus+ funded project VTours which supports the development of working life skills of graduate students.

Ps.  We are also taking part in Network to Get Work Online event. In the Slack channel "04 Employment tips" you can check out videos of interviews with other employers in different fields of business and heath sector during 27.2. – 13.3. To join the Slack event visit the Laurea's intranet.


See also programme in Finnish

Registration to the Event

Laurea's Students and Staff

The event's entrants must register in advance as visitors .

Register for the event!

Tips for students participating in the event


The aim of the event is to give you the possibility to create contacts and help you to find job, placement or thesis topic. So use this opportunity and be active! Even if you don't need a job right now, it is good to already create contacts for the future.


Before the Event

Before the event you should get to know the website of the event. On these sites you can find information about the programme of the event and the companies participating in the event.

You should check beforehand what kind of companies will be presenting themselves in the event and which stands you want to visit. This way you can ensure that you have time to talk at least to those companies that interest you. It is good to take a look at the websites of the companies that interest you before you arrive to the event.

Remember to take your CV to the event. Update your old CV or make a new one and print few copies. With well-made CV you can make a good impression to potential employers. You can also leave your CV to the potential employers so that they can contact you later.


During the Event

It is important to be self-active during the event. That way you make a good impression to the employers. Feel free to go and talk to the companies and ask representatives about the company and their jobs. If the company seems like a potential employer you can give the representatives your CV. If you give good impression to the company, it can lead to a dream job or placement. At least you get valuable contacts.