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Do you want to find your dream job or internship? You might find it in the "Network to Get Work" event. In the event, you have the chance to meet companies to discuss employment opportunities. You can also suggest project or thesis topics for them.

This is a great chance to create new contacts that can be beneficial for your future career. By coming to this event, you can find a lot of different companies from various sectors. They all will be there looking for potential employees.

The event take place

In the main lobby area at Laurea's Leppävaara campus (Vanha maantie 9, Espoo) on 31st of January at 12-17 o'clock, if you are studying Business Management, Business Information Technology, Security Management,  Hospitality Management, or Beauty Care or if there are some companies that you are interested in.

In the lobby of the 1st and 2nd floor at Laurea's Tikkurila (Ratatie 22, Vantaa)  campus on 7th February at 12-17 o'clock, if your studies focus on Social Services or Health Care or if there are some companies that you are interested in.

The event's entrants must register in advance as visitors *. See instructions below.

Laurea student: You can still register for buses. Registration continues until the day of the event or until the buses are fully booked. Both event locations are easily accesible by public transport so if the buses are fully booked, you can arrive by public transport.

Event Programme

Various companies and organizations will be presenting themselves in the event. The organizations participating in the event can be found from the "Participating in the event" site (in Finnish).  You can get to know the companies and discuss employment opportunities with them when you visit the company stands.

The side programme of the event includes expert talks, which shed light on for example the labor market situation. This will give you hints about the direction in which you should develop your skills. The speakers also provide information on the job seeking and accepting the work. In addition to this, there will also be for example CV workshop.

The colors on the timetable indicate the target group of the specific programme (these colors are only used in the Finnish programme, English programme is for everyone). Please check the target group of the programme before filling the registration form.

Programme for the visitors:

At Leppävaara

In English

In Finnish


At Tikkurila

In English

In Finnish


Registration to the Event


Laurea's Students and Staff

The event's entrants must register in advance as visitors *. During registration, you will have the opportunity to enroll for the program, as well as for bus transportation between the campuses **.

If you arrive by the provided bus transportation, you have approximately two hours to explore the event. In this case, we recommend that you reserve 30-45 minutes to visit the company stands. In addition, we recommend that you participate in two lectures or workshops. You can also arrive to the event with your own car or public transport and then you can stay at the event for as long as you want.

Register for the event!


Other visitors

The fair and the program are open to the public with a few exceptions. To avoid the congestion, we recommend visiting both events in the afternoon (at 16-17). The event entrants must register in advance *.

Register for the event!

* The number of visitors is monitored for the event arrangements. We want to ensure that the visit in the event is successful for everyone. According to the limit set for the total number of visitors we have to limit the number for visitors outside Laurea to the maximum of 60 visitors per event. Registration is also possible on the venue of event, if there is still space, but registration in advance is recommended so the arrival in the event would be convenient.

** We reserve the right to change the programme and the bus routes and schedules, if needed. We also reserve the right to cancel buses if too few people have enrolled for the bus. There is only one bus going on the routes Tikkurila-Leppävaara and Otaniemi-Leppävaara, so enrol fast. We may organize more bus rides for the other routes if needed but the departure time may be different than in the bus ride offered before. We will add departures to the registration form if the offered departures get full.


Tips for students participating in the event


The aim of the event is to give you the possibility to create contacts and help you to find job, placement or thesis topic. So use this opportunity and be active! Even if you don't need a job right now, it is good to already create contacts for the future.


Before the Event

Before the event you should get to know the website of the event. On these sites you can find information about the programme of the event and the companies participating in the event.

You should check beforehand what kind of companies will be presenting themselves in the event and which stands you want to visit. This way you can ensure that you have time to talk at least to those companies that interest you. It is good to take a look at the websites of the companies that interest you before you arrive to the event.

Remember to take your CV to the event. Update your old CV or make a new one and print few copies. With well-made CV you can make a good impression to potential employers. You can also leave your CV to the potential employers so that they can contact you later.


During the Event

It is important to be self-active during the event. That way you make a good impression to the employers. Feel free to go and talk to the companies and ask representatives about the company and their jobs. If the company seems like a potential employer you can give the representatives your CV. If you give good impression to the company, it can lead to a dream job or placement. At least you get valuable contacts.

If your teacher has given you event-related assignments, remember to look for answers during the event. The assignments are related to your own career prospects, so doing them is useful for you.

There will also be a competition in the event that you should definitely participate in! Follow the news on this website and on Laurea Live.