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For Staff

We would like to invite all the Laurea's staff to join this career and recruitment day - an annual event in Laurea University of Applied Sciences. By participating in this event you can get useful information for career guidance. Career counselling of students is one of our important responsibilities.

It is really important that the staff participates in the event because that may encourage the students to participate also. Event participation is part of studies of the first year students. In this event students get the opportunity to explore the employment situation and employers in their study field. 

In a nutshell what we wish from the staff:

  1. Please give the students the opportunity to join the event by leaving their schedule free from other appointments during the event time.

  2. You can give students some tasks to be done during the event. Below you can find link to some examples of assignments for students.

  3. Please support and encourage the students in networking.

  4. You have the possibility to build new relationships with event partners and to discuss future cooperation. You also have the possibility to acquire knowledge of the employment situation in the different study fields and knowledge that is needed for the upcoming career guidance and educational planning.

Link to the assignments for students:

 Assignments for students.pdf






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