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For Partners 

Coming to "Network to Get Work" event is a great way to create a link with Laurea University of Applied Sciences - the place of many Finnish and international experts. Being partners with us, you can find your future motivated and talented employees. Every year there are a lot of students who are looking for internship opportunities and thesis topics. Now you have the chance to present your company to these students.  Visit the page to see what kind of  education Laurea offers in English.

Network to Get Work event 2018 will be held on March 6th 2018 at Laurea Leppävaara from 2pm to 4pm. The event is intended for students in the field of Business Management, Hospitality Management, Restaurant Entrepreneurship, Business Information Technology and Security Management. Alongside with the event on campus, there will also be a networking event online.

To ensure a succesful event, Laurea will charge participating partners an entry fee of 115€ (+VAT 24%). The fee covers visibility in event marketing and the exhibition stand during the main event. Before the event, Laurea serves complemetary nerworking-coffee for participating partners. The event is free of charge for Laurea key partners.

Participation in the virtual networking event is free of charge for all partners. We will give further details closer to the event.

Please contact us and come find new faces for your company!

Registration for the event!



Information for organizations registered in the event


Thank you in advance for participating in the Network to Get Work event. Below you find some useful information. Closer to the event we will send more information regarding arriving to the event location, places of the stands and safety of the event.


Side Programme 

In addition to other side programme there will be "Rekry Speed Dating", if enough companies are interested in it. "Rekry Speed Dating" means that there will be series of quick job interviews. The employers sit on one side of the table and the job seekers on the opposite side. When the interview time is finished the host asks the job seekers to proceed to interview with next employer. If you are interested in participating to Rekry Speed Dating, you can inform us by updating your information through the link in your invitation.

If you have informed us that you would be interested in giving a lecture or organizing some other side programme, we will contact you if we haven't done that yet.

Your stand

Please note that the event is bilingual. It would be good if both languages were spoken at your stand. We recommend that you have something concrete to give to the visitors at the stand, at least business cards.

Laurea offers you the table for the stand but you can also bring your own table if you want and if your table fits in the space reserved for it. If you want to bring your own table, please tell us as soon as possible how much space you need for the table.


The participation fee includes breakfast for two persons on the event day. If you want breakfast for more than two persons, please update your information through the link in your invitation. Additional breakfasts cost 10 euros per person.'


Please remember that you can contact us at You can also contact us by phone, tel. 040 664 7691 (Maija Rummukainen).


​Tips for organizations participating in the event



It is good to think about how many representatives you need. If there is only one person, it might be difficult for the representative to pay attention to everyone at the same time. On the other hand a group of officers in a grey suit may not be appealing to the audience. Since the languages used in the event are Finnish and English, it would be good if both languages were spoken at your stand.

Business cards and other material 

It is good to have something concrete to give to the visitors, at least business cards. However, you don't have to give everything to everyone. You can also give business cards or some other material only to the people who seem like potential employees. If the visitor has some material related to your company when leaving the event, it is more probable that the visitor will search information about the company afterwards. This is how you can ensure that people contact you after the event.

How to make the visitors approach?

Visitors approach your stand more easily if the representatives seem welcoming. Still the visitors may need some encouragement before they approach and start a conversation. You can start the conversation for example by greeting the visitor and asking what the visitor is looking for in this event. Even during a short conversation it is easy to see what kind of person the visitor is. If you have common interests you can give the visitor your contact information or ask the visitor for CV. You can also arrange an interview time already in the event.


Even if you don't find new employees from the event, you have promoted your company to the future clients and partners. Participating in the event is also one way to create a good image for your company.








Network to Get Work offered career advice for career-related advice<img alt="" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/NWTGW%20Laurea%20ura%20rekrytointi%20tyonhaku.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Network to Get Work offered career advice for career-related advice