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Network to Get Work : Career and Recruitment Event

"Network to Get Work" event is a meeting place for employers and job seekers. The event gives the companies an opportunity to present their operations and to find motivated employees. The visitors of the event get the opportunity to create new contacts and to find for example internship placement or thesis topic. Laurea offers both education in Finnish and English so the event is also bilingual.

31.1.2017 klo 12-17 Business Administration, Business Information Technology, Security Management, Hospitality Management and Beauty Care

7.2.2017 klo 12-17 Social Studies and Health Care

There will be a photographer in the event and we might use the photos in marketing and communication of Laurea and its partners.



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Participating in the event<img alt="" src="/en/update/ProjectImages/Network%20to%20Get%20Work/kuvalinkki3.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Participating in the eventList of organizations that participated in the event in 2015<a href="/en/services/services-for-businesses/nwtgw/participating-in-the-event"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">participating-in-the-event</a>
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We thank everyone who participated in the event!!-.aspx2015-10-19T21:00:00ZWe thank everyone who participated in the event!