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Simulation Living Lab​

Living Lab Learning Environments are one of the key success factors at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. In co-operation between organisations, companies, students, researchers and lecturers, the challenges can be solved in new ways. Our students are studying in real-life environments with real partners from working life. Living Labs are physical spaces and co-operational networks where all the participants learn and get results. Student groups implement projects with the counselling lecturer for the real needs of companies and other organisations. Several of our national or international projects are dealing with learning environments. These courses are tailor-made and fees vary according to the length and content of the course. We also offer you services such as accommodation, meals, travelling tickets, entrance tickets etc., at an additional cost. Simulation for nursing and simulation pedagogy –course gives you the knowledge to use simulation space as a learning environment in nursery and education.

Information about the Simulation for nursing and simulation pedagogy –course

The course provides basics for using simulation as a learning environment and special themes such as simulation learning in nursing, clinical scenario design and simulation pedagogy, effective implementation of simulation in nursing, patient safety and simulation centre operations.

To whom

Education institutions or all organisations in the field of health care who would like to learn about simulation as a part of their work.

Content and results

The course includes guiding on how to use simulation as a part of the education and development and research processes. The consulting includes a 3-day intensive period, consulting period, 2-day seminar with the participants' projects and cases, afterwards assessing and feedback. All the materials are in English. As a result, the customer gets a theoretical basis for the simulation world and its benefits as a learning environment. The customer gets basic tools for building the simulation environment and for applying its principals in practice. The customer gets the know-how to use simulation as a part of the education.



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