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Early Childhood Education Intensive Week

Intensive weeks are brief educational courses with a diverse programme for both students and professionals. Intensive weeks are created around one theme, which includes theoretical lessons, workshops, study visits and also cultural and free time programmes. The themes for the Intensive Week can be found under our field of education, like Service Business, Security Management, Social and Health Care and Hospitality Management. We also offer you services such as accommodation, meals, travelling tickets, entrance tickets etc., at an additional cost.

Information about the intensive week

The intensive week gives you the experience of child-oriented education in Finnish kindergartens. The intensive week includes the following themes: theoretical basics for early childhood education, learning by playing, pedagogical models, and modern leadership in kindergarten and Finnish early childhood education system in Finland.

To whom

The intensive week is intended for students, educators and personnel working in practice in the field of early childhood education.

Content and results

Example of an intensive week program

As a result the participant will be familiarised with Finnish child-oriented approach to early childhood education. Customer receives theoretical perspectives and methods in practise to develop education or practices in kindergarten.




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