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​Management Consulting by using Service Design methods

Service Design methods can be used to management and service development. The SD methods helps management to achieve results with the help of other people. The aim is to involve employees, customers and other stakeholders in a user-centered research process, in which a variety of qualitative methods (such as co-creation) will be utilized.

Service Design can enhance business development as well as wellbeing at work.

Information about the consulting

The consulting can be made for example by using Laureas' design-game CoCo Tool Kit to develop management and to effectively involve all stakeholders with the business development process.

CoCo Tool Kit contains five tools out of which four first ones are developed to analyze and to communicate the current state of mind and even more to understand the co-creation phenomenon. The fifth tool CoCo Cosmos is a visually powerful design tool to develop and to communicate a shared view of complex situations and to discover new innovation possibilities. Read more about CoCo Tool Kit.

To whom

Companies, organizations, educational institutions.

Content and results

Design games visualizes interaction between customer and service provider as well as clarifies changes on service channels. As a result the organization will get more effective management, better productivity, better customer satisfaction and wellbeing at work.



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