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​Student Stories from Exchange Programme Abroad

Exchange Destination - University College Sjælland : Denmark

My name is Emilia and I'm a third year student studying Nursing in Porvoo. I did my exchange last autumn in Næstved, Denmark which is one hour away from Copenhagen.In total I  stayed four months in Denmark.My studies included theoretical studies and a traineeship in the local hospital.

Interdisciplinary Health Care Provision in a Global Perspective

My school name was University College Sjælland. There were students of nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and biomedical laboratory science. Teachers were very nice, helpful, supportive and always available for students.  The course what I studied  was called Interdisciplinary Health Care Provision in a Global Perspective.

Laurea student on exchange programme to Denmark 

It aims at developing students' abilities to meet the increasingly high demands for new and innovative approaches to health care in a globalized world. We had theoretical lessons and also many study visits e.g. rehabilition center with horse treatment for handicapped people and home with obese children where they helped those children to get a new way of living and lose weight at the same time.

International Environment

Our class consists of Danish and international students, so it was awesome. All international students had named danish student to take care of them and help them with living in Denmark.  It was organized very well and being there was easy due that. All international students lived in a student dormitories few kilometers away from school and city center. Our school also borrowed bikes for all of us for free during our exchange there.

Traineeship at Næstved Hospital

My traineeship took four weeks and I did in surgical eye ward in Næstved hospital. I have only positive memories about it. My supervisor there was so supportive and we had many valuation talks during traineeship. They gave me a possibility to participite almost everything in that ward. It was very teachful traineeship and it helped me professionally a lot. Staff in hospital spoke English as well so it was easy to communicate there.

Comparatively Expensive but Beautiful Country

Denmark as a country is very pretty and old.Architecture is also like from fairytale sometimes between modern buildings. City where I stayed was from Middle Age so it was very old and cozy. Generally Danish people are very helpful and glad and almost all of them are speaking English so its very easy to get along there everywhere. About the price level in Denmark it is little bit more expensive comparing to Finland because of difference in currency. So your grocery shoppings can be few euros more than in Finland. Restaurants food and drink prices are quite same as that  in Finland.Eating Kebab and Pizza are comparatively cheaper in Denmark. 

The Best Decision

My exhange has been the best decision in my life by now. It helped my professional skills as a nurse a lot. Also I grew up as a human more, I am  more brave, social and outgoing now than I was before . I'm not afraid to take challenges as I was before. I can only recommend exchange for everyone who are thinking about it. There will be many practical issues, what you need to handle and take care of but you will see that you will survive them. I also got so many new friends during that time, from danish and from international students, and we still keep contact so its very amazing.

Exchange Destination - ISC Paris Business School : France

Exchange study at ISC Paris Business School  

​My name is Emma and I am at my final year of studies. I study Business Administration programme and started originally in Laurea's Kerava campus. I went to the student exchange programme for one full academic year in 2014-2015.

The city of my Dreams

I had known for a long time where I wanted to go if I ever had the chance to go study abroad. Paris was the city of my dreams and it was the only place I wanted to go. When I was accepted to Laurea Univeristy of applied sciences I immidietly started to look for the destinations for my exchange programme. Luckily for me I found out they had programmes in Paris. Even at three different schools. So when it was time to apply for exchange I put all three schools to the application form in the order of wich school had the best courses available. I was so happy when I heard that I got accepted to my first choice.

Start early to Find the Accomodation

 I immidiately started to search for an appartment and read any good tips regarding the city of lights.

The search was definitely a long process and I recommend for anyone who is going to Paris to start looking early.The rent prices are very high and appartments are really small.For me the most important factors were safe and perfect location and thats how I wanted to live by myself. Finally after a long process we found the perfect Parisian studio for me to live and after a lot of paper work I signed the rent documents and was ready to move in.

Living in the Heart of Paris

For anyone going to Paris I will say that the sixth area called Saint Germain is by far the best location to live. It is the safest area and just in the heart of Paris. The architecture is breathtaking and the little streets with cute boutiques will never get boring. There were various amount of cafés, restaurants and bars just outside my house. Everything was in walking distance and one of the worlds most beautiful parks called Jardin de Luxembourg was only five minute walk from where I lived. Ofcourse all of this comes with a little higher prices on the rents but it is absolutely worth it.

Interesting Courses at ISC Paris Business School

The university I went to was called ISC Paris Business School. It was just a little outside of the main area of Paris and I took two different metros and one bus to get there. I was still glad that I had chosen ISC as my exchange school because of the interesting courses it offered. There were a lot of courses in marketing, branding and fashion which were the ones that interested me the most. All of these were taught in English and the majority of the teachers were really good and passionate about their subjects. Many classes also had group projects and assignements.

Learning Local Language

My level of English improved so much and I find it a lot easier to communicate and understand the language. I also studied French and I was put in the advanced level since I had studied it in Finland. During that class I got better at speaking and understood almost anything the teacher was saying. I was so happy with the improvement and for anyone going to France I recommend to study the local language.

International Environment

What I loved most about the school is how international it was. There were students from all around the world and I learned so much about different cultures.The majority of my friends were other exhange students and the school's international club had organized a lot of events for us to get to know each other. Probably the most memorable was in the beginnig when they had planned a picnic in the parc of the Eiffel Tower. Like in true Parisian fashion we were drinking wine and eating baquettes and when it came dark the lights of the Eiffel came on and started sparkling. The view was stunning and something I will never forget.

Best Year of my Life

Paris offers so much to do and though it might sound cliché it was honestly one of the best years of my life. I made life long friends and experienced things that could only be possible in Paris. Everyday was a new adventure and you never knew what each day would bring. It is impossible to name just one thing about what was the best in the whole exchange. All in all the whole experience of living the Parisian lifestyle and learning a different culture were the highlights of the year. All this with amazing people by my side.

If living in a big city interests at all then Paris is definitely the place to go.