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International Services

Internationalisation of the innovation environment is a major challenge for the development of the metropolitan area. International cooperation will be used to improve Laurea’s competence and complement its areas of expertise. This implies participation in international research projects. An international Laurea will enrich its area of operation with international top-level expertise and promote the region’s internationalisation.

Internationality at Laurea consists of international elements in all areas of studies at Laurea, Bachelor and Master degree programmes conducted in English, student and staff mobility and international research and development activities. International theme days, events, projects and visits by experts are part of the day-to-day operation of Laurea.

Laurea has a network of around 250 international cooperation partners around the world. The network includes higher education institutions, companies and other organisations. Cooperation includes incoming and outgoing student mobility, staff mobility, research and development activities, regional development cooperation and development of education. Laurea also acts as an active partner in many international development projects and cooperation networks. Laurea's international partner institutions for mobility can be viewed in the SoleMOVE system.

You can read the privacy policy of the SoleMOVE system here.



Mobility<img alt="students and staff mobility" src="/en/update/Studyingandapplyingimages/KV-kuvat/Student-staff-mobility-laurea.JPG" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />MobilityLaurea welcomes student, teacher and staff exchanges from partner institutions. <a href="/en/services/international-services/mobility" title="Mobility an opportunity"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">mobility</a>
International weeks<img alt="International weeks" src="/en/update/Studyingandapplyingimages/KV-kuvat/International-weeks.JPG" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />International weeksLaurea organises International weeks on different campuses with different profiles yearly.<a href="/en/services/international-services/international-weeks" title="Information about international weeks"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">international-weeks</a>
Contact persons<img alt="Contact Persons for exchange programme at Laurea University of Applied Sciences" src="/en/update/Studyingandapplyingimages/KV-kuvat/Contact-Persons-Laurea-International-Office.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Contact personsContact information for Laurea's International Services<a href="/en/services/international-services/contact-persons" title="Contact persons for international services"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">contact-persons</a>

Brochures of Laurea:

Brochure for Incoming Exchange studentsLaurea International Brochure 

ECA certificate:

ECA certificateLaurea was awarded with the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation on

 Feb. 27th 2015

Summary of Laurea’s feedback and assessment report

Learning by developing (LbD) as a good practise example

CeQuInt project and conference

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Multicultural communications as the theme of the International Week<img alt="" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/IMG_0554.JPG" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Multicultural communications as the theme of the International Week
Laurea students take part in Cambridge Venture Camp–-Entrepreneurship-interests-Laurea-students.aspx2017-04-02T21:00:00Z<img alt="" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/_w/LaureaES_Cambridge_jpg.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Laurea students take part in Cambridge Venture Camp
University of Johannesburg and Laurea UAS agree on collaboration<img alt="Collaboration University of Johannesburg presidents Laurea partnership" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/Johannesburg%20Laurea%20yhteistyosopimus%20allekirjoitus%20Koski%20Rensburg.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />University of Johannesburg and Laurea UAS agree on collaboration