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Using systems remotely

You can use some systems also outside Laurea network, for example from your home computer. Or you can use them on mobile devices, if system supports mobile user interfaces.

Student email, direct link

More information available in ServiceDesk portal

Login into Laurea systems from home computer

All Laurea systems use the same Laurea username (student number) and password when ever possible. 
Your username is or studentnumember without any additional characters.


Always log out and close the browser when you are not logged in to your personal computer.


Haka is the identity federation of the Finnish universities, universitys of Applied sciences and research institutions with more than 290 000 end users. Users are able to access federation services using a single user account and password. User identities are provided by the users home organizations.

1) Click the haka-login button

2) Choose Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu (home organization)


3) When needed use the Laurea username and password

Student network drives remotely, usage ending 2017

Students can use network drives from or anywhere else in Internet by using Laurea’s remote portal:

We recommend you use Link teamsites or Office 365 OneDrive because usage of the portal will end and even now there are problems with newer browsers.
Open remote portal
Login with student number and password as you login to Laurea computers
Access files from network drives
Different browsers seem and act little different. Using principles are the same.
1. File Access shows drives that you have permission.
Kastanjavf = common drives
My Home Folder = your own drive H:
2. Editing files
a. Download file to your computer by clicking file and choosing Download
b. Edit file
c. Upload file back to network drive with Upload -button

Close connection
After the connection has been open for an hour a popup opens asking if you want to remain connected. You can log off anytime you want.
Close browser after log off.

Personnel remote use

Also personnel can use some systems remotely, for example email, document workspace Eduuni, SoleOPS and Optima. When using systems from home always write down username with

Personnel can also use permitted systems from their laptop. If necessary contact ServiceDesk.






+358 (9) 8868 7112

Opening hours
Weekdays: 08:00 - 16:00

On-site support provided when reserved in advance.

















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