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Coherent security

Security and safety are both enablers, outcomes, and integral parts of all fields of studies at Laurea, i.e. Security Management, Correctional Services, Business Management incl. legal studies, Health Care and Social Services, and Business Information Technology. Similarly, social responsibility covers areas well beyond traditional corporate social responsibility.

Therefore, the related research and educational activities encompasses a broad field from the preventive measures all the way through to the technologically-oriented reactive tools and further to the repressive methods such as rehabilitation.
Laurea’s research, development and innovations bring together several aspects – from academic research to practitioner’s know-how, and from tech-savviness to traditional security and safety studies. It offers viable business opportunities, design of new services and enhancement of existing ones, and especially emphasis on the end-user experience.

In short, Laurea offers expertise related to security management, border security, maritime security, conflict/crisis management, civil protection, human rights, cybersecurity and information security.

Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management

Crisis and Natural Disasters’ Management require a coherent approach centred on educational, research, and development organisations that promote life-long learning and equal access to education, because only through social development can we aim for sustainable development. Paramount is increasing the availability and access to education, strengthening the public institutions (including schools), educating teachers and trainers, promoting human rights, and working constantly against discrimination at all levels. Further the comprehensive approach covers the relevant topics and integrates the actors in the field.

Crime Prevention, ICT and new forms of public-private partnerships

Societies are becoming pervasive with new ICT-solutions and applications. This is changing policing too, and enables especially openings for collaboration in crime prevention between law enforcement authorities and private sector. In this, Laurea with cross-over competence from security to service business and IT has a pivotal role.

Airborne information for Emergency situation Awareness and Monitoring (AIRBEAM)
AIRBEAM is a Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) project related to crisis management (natural disasters and other wide-scale crises). The goal is to develop a multi-platform approach to situational awareness for crisis management, utilizing especially Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), aerostatic platforms (i.e. balloons), and satellites.

Multiagency cooperation in cross-border operations (MACICO)
MACICO develops a concept for interworking of security forces in their daily activity. It deals with cooperation of security forces that do not use (in their day-to-day job) the same radio network, but in some missions could take benefit of a share of their respective infrastructure.


Laurea’s RDI activities in the area of cybersecurity aim at supporting and enhancing high quality security education, and at enabling the most comprehensive RDI services in cooperation with the small and medium-sized enterprises and communities in Finland and globally. In its RDI activities Laurea supports Finland’s Cyber Security Strategy 2013 that also provides the frames for Laurea’s cyber security activities.

The goal of Laurea cyber security research and development is to increase capacity, education and skills on cybersecurity aspects in Member States for citizens, organizations and public authorities. Laurea works in close cooperation with the public authorities and other relevant cyber security actors for advancing national and international cyber security and cyber defense. Collaborative development is an essential part of Laurea’s operating model Learning by Developing, which is reflected in joint RDI activities based on the public-private partnerships.

Laurea is committed to improving cyber expertise and awareness by providing education, engaging in innovative research and development activities and actively disseminating results of those activities among relevant stakeholders.

More specifically, Laurea key research capabilities in relation to cyber security are:
1) Resilient cyber-physical systems, and overall governance (generation, transmission, storage, processing, sharing, collective use, deletion) of safety critical and/or classified information
2) Risk management, information security and management of cyber threats
3) Pedagogical approaches and tools in cyber security education and training
4) Privacy and data protection
5) Security Policy & Management

Security Audit Training

Global working covers partnerships between states, stakeholders, civil society and private sector. International partnerships need to be based on confidence and trust. The audit process trained by Laurea involves quantitative and qualitative methods and it merges several standard guidelines.

The Finnish National Security Auditing Criteria
Laurea is the principal educator of the lead auditors of the National Security Auditing Criteria.

Smooth Border Crossing

Since 9/11 borders have undergone significant changes. Borders have been securitized and states have implemented automated border control (ABC) systems to facilitate the ever increasing border traffic. This approach will promote the realization of fundamental human rights due to the equal treatment of all passengers. Laurea has all the know-how and experience to participate in border crossing development projects worldwide.
Automated Border Control Gates for Europe. The aim is to make border control more flexible by enhancing the workflow and harmonizing the functionalities of Automated Border Control (ABC) gates, which are only one example of automation.




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Director Isto Mattila
mob. +358 40 588 1108


Coherent Security team members:

Project Manager Kirsi Hyttinen
Principal Lecturer Soile Juujärvi
Principal Lecturer Armi Jyrkkiö
Senior Manager Päivi Kuosmanen Principal Lecturer Satu Luojus
Director Isto Mattila
Principal Lecturer Rauno Pirinen
Principal Lecturer Jyri Rajamäki
Principal Lecturer Teemu Rantanen
Senior Lecturer Minttu Räty
Senior Lecturer Sari Sarlio-Siintola
Senior Manager Tuomas Tammilehto

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Workshop: students as peacebuilders<img alt="" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/Kriisinhallinta%20NYT%20tyopaja%20opiskelijat%20Laurea%20FINCENT%20IECEU.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Workshop: students as peacebuilders
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