​TENHO Life Skills for Youth Through Art

In the Tenho (‘fascination’) programme, young people with no study place or job can participate in art activities in six municipalities in Finland. In the film, circus and theatre workshops, youth can get to know themselves better, learn to work with others, set goals for themselves and commit to achieving them. In Tenho, young people gain tools that make it easier to move on to studies or working life.

Tenho is a project where through practical activities and research the life skills of 700 NEET youth are strengthened
and easily transferrable models are developed. Tenho uses art as a method to empower youth and build concrete
steps to education and employment together with the local social, youth, education and employment sectors.
Tenho activities are done in six different cities in partnership with local art organisations and cities. Research is done by Finnish youth research assosiation and trainings organized by Laurea. The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation is responsible for
coordination and development activities.

The Tenho programme is carried out in cooperation with five art organisations, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, and the Finnish Youth Research Society. Oulun tähtisirkus, the Pirkanmaa Film Centre, Sirkus Magenta, the Vaara collective, and Varkaus theatre work together with the municipalities of Helsinki, Kajaani, Oulu, Tampere, Vantaa, and Varkaus as well as Kainuu Social and Health Services, and the Kainuu Regional Council.



Facts & Figures

Project Manager: Ira Stiller

Financier: ESR
Funding: 1 193 322 €
Duration: 1.6.2015-31.5.2018