​Spinning Pilots  

The aim of the project is to

  • create and pilot the model for the collaboration between the students and organizations in service development.
  • create and pilot a model for the Transnational Health and Wellbeing Living Lab.
  • coach startups and SMEs to utilize international project funding instruments to implement co-development, testing and validation activities in international markets.
  • build international project consortiums and identify funding instruments and calls to scale up the transnational living lab model planned and piloted in the Spinning Pilots project.

The project implements one of the strategic priorities of Helsinki-Uusimaa Region entitled Opportunities for Growth: Open Development Environments and Intelligent Services, and Regenerating Business. Further it implements the RIS3 Smart Specialization strategy, Human Health Tech.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences implements the project together with Helsinki Think Company, HealthSPA and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) and Forum Virium Helsinki support the project.

If you are interested to collaborate, please contact the Project Manager or the person in charge of the specific theme of the project:

 The collaboration between the students and the organizations in service development

-          Päivi Haho, paivi.haho@metropolia.fi

-          Mikael Soini, mikael.soini@metropolia.fi

-          Heli-Riitta Sutinen, heli-riitta.sutinen@metropolia.fi

 The collaboration possibilities for startups

-          Hanna Vartia, hanna@healthspa.fi or +358 (0)400 456 813

International project consortiums and funding instruments

-          Harri Haapaniemi, harri.haapaniemi@laurea.fi tai +358 40 8360 777



Facts & Figures:

Project Manager: Virpi Kaartti virpi.kaartti@laurea.fi

Financier: Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council

Funding: 126 050 € 

Duration: 1.4.2017-30.6.2018




Test your service idea in international marketshttps://www.laurea.fi/en/news/Pages/Test-your-service-idea-in-international-markets.aspx2017-10-12T21:00:00ZTest your service idea in international markets