​Path - from idea to new business

The goal of this project is to create startups and employment in the Uusimaa region in cooperation with universities, companies and other players in the ecosystem. The project focuses on supporting the early-stage entrepreneurship and making sure that ideas and people find each other, help them with team building and turning these ideas eventually into startups.

We also aim to create a unified service model for the prestartup phase in the metropolitan area - an efficient path from business idea to new growth-oriented startup. We will test, develop and implement services for the prestartup phase using lean methodology. We will work together with the other players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and at the same time help these players network and cooperate with each other.

The project partners are Aalto University, Kaakkois-Suomi University of Applied Sciences, The City of Helsinki/NewCo Helsinki (coordinator) and the City of Vantaa.





​Facts & Figures

Project Manager: Taina Kilpinen

Financier: EAKR 2014-2020
Funding: 891 920€
Duration: 1.1.2015-31.8.2017