​MORFEUS - Future value creation in wellbeing service networks

The joint multidisciplinary project of Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Aalto University MORFEUS (01/01/2015–30/6/2017) aims to study and develop wellbeing services’ multi-actor ecosystems. The project employs an action research approach and works through service design, information modeling and future studies focusing also on contracting practices. In the project, actors of the ecosystem i.e. companies, public and third sector organizations offering wellbeing services are mapped and the relations between them explored – especially in mental health, child protection and substance abuse related services.

The project is citizen-led by nature and the service ecosystem is studied and developed by looking into the collection of services that a case example family is using. The research project consists of five intensive co-development cycles in which research partners closely participate. The research partners comprehensively represent wellbeing service actors in Uusimaa from the municipality sector, the producers of wellbeing services and the producers of digital tools and consulting services.

The main research problem of the project is how cross-organizational collaboration can be facilitated when developing customer-centered wellbeing service ecosystems?

The project develops an information modeling suitable for various service domains to which all information required for the procurement and production of a service will be collected. The information modelling clarifies roles, relations and information needs of the actors and strives to enable the development, production and procurement of more (cost-)effective and client-oriented services in the future. Based on the information modeling, that results in the project, it will be possible to develop novel digital tools to support the functioning of the wellbeing service ecosystem.



​Facts & Figures

Project Manager: Päivi Pöyry-Lassila

Financier: Tekes

Funding: 1 000 000 €
Duration: 1.1.2015 - 30.6.2017´

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