​iEER Boosting innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Regions for young entrepreneurs

10 regions,1 goal. Boosting entrepreneurial ecosystems in regions for young entrepreneurs. For the next four years project partners will learn from each other to build better services and regional policies in support of startups. The project aims to break down silo mentality and bring together all actors having a hand in entrepreneurial success. Universities, local and regional authorities, entrepreneurship support organisations and SMEs are closely involved in the project both on the local and interregional levels.

iEER is an Interreg Europe funded flagship project bringing together 10 regions around Europe. Initiated by a group of regions awarded with the European Entrepreneurial Region label, iEER will define smart paths and solutions to boost regional entrepreneurship ecosystems supporting young entrepreneurs. A key element of the project are learning camps, where project partners study the best practices of a region and brainstorm in workshops to identify what makes or breaks a budding business.

In addition to learning camps, peer reviews form an important part of the learning process. Peer reviews provide an outside perspective to the region and the received feedback is a valuable tool in improving the local ecosystems.

iEER learning process is conducted during 2016-2018, after which the findings are collected, analysed and compiled into regional action plans and into an iEER Boost Growth Handbook. In 2018-2020 iEER will move from learning to implementation. Regional actions plans are put into practice and their progress is closely monitored.



​Facts & Figures

Project Manager: Marjo Ruuti

Interreg Europe
Funding: 2 294 882 €
Duration: 1.4.2016 - 31.3.2020





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