​Erasmus + ProfEsus

Laurea-University of applied sciences is participating in the project; "Erasmus + ProfEsus; Focus on sustainability – education for professionals in the household and guest-oriented business ". The objective of the project is to strengthen the skills of home economic teachers, trainers and coaches in the field of sustainable development. It is the task of education and training to ensure that the citizens of all ages can count with the information, skills and capabilities needed in the construction of and commitment to a sustainable and fair future and way of life. The main objective of this project is to build an international e-learning environment, which can be used anywhere in the home economic education. The project's pedagogical framework Green pedagogy aims to provide teaching aids and methods across borders. The Green pedagogy study skills emphasize solution-based and insightful learning. From the point of view of sustainable development and accountability, the main focus is in this educational approach is on social, environmental and economic issues.

The Prof E Sus project is developing a blended learning training for vocational teachers and trainers in the area of businesses and activities based around the household. The training seeks to equip vocational trainers to prepare their students to operate sustainably. This could include accommodation, food production, food service and so on.

The project needs to
•Define a curriculum that is general enough to cover the different vocational areas and specific enough to promote a sustainable mindset.
•Agree on a pedagogical approach likely to lean towards entrepreneurialism such as Design Thinking or problem-based learning
•Agree on quality approach and criteria
•Design a course
•Pilot the course
•Produce an OER version of the course together with guidance on implementation
•Market the course so that it is taken up elsewhere




​Facts & Figures

Project Manager: Sini Temisevä

Financier: Erasmus+ KA2

Funding: 316 053 €
Duration: 1.10.2016 - 1.2.2019

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