​Elli - Promoting cleantech business, efficiency and regional energy production

This project will define the main aspects of energy efficiency and cleantech in the co-operation district and produce emarketing and communications materials to inform and support businesses. The aims of the project are to promote cleantech and energy efficient business activities and internationalization. Companies will be invited to participate in the project through the Nordic Innovation Accelerator (NIA) platform.

A wide range of energy and cleantech companies, authorities, researchers and educational organizations, and other stakeholders will be involved in energy-efficiency planning in three target residential areas. The residential areas have different requiements and are in different planning stages. Energy analysis, emission modeling and cost analysis will be used to create a development path to all areas.

Companies and other stakeholders will be invited to participate in three future workshops in which will be bilt the alternative future scenaries to support energy-efficient regional planning and sustainable strategies.


​Facts & Figures

Project Manager: Jukka Laitinen jukka.laitinen@laurea.fi

Financier: EAKR / Uudenmaan liitto

Funding: 573 434 € 
Duration: 1/2016 -12/2017