​Digital in Care services

The purpose of Digital in Care services project is to support the SMEs in care sevices with digitalization and networking with IT companies in the Helsinki-Uusimaa region. The project aims to attain the following objectives:
- To promote digitalization in services
- To possess the related information
- To develop productivity and competitiveness
- To support well-being at work

One of the project aims is to make a report on the attitudes and experiences of the Japanese care services workers related to the use of robots.

Digital in Care services project brings together a network which contains SMEs that produce care services and those who provide support to the digitalization of services in the same industry. The network promotes co-operation between companies while implementing open seminars and meetings with different topics.

So called Mentor companies are a valuable part of the network. They offer their knowledge and experience to share. The partner matchmaking tool can be utilized when searching for development partners. The tool itself is one of the deliverables of the project.

The specific SME can get more tailored development support if acting as a Case company. Promotion for digitalization of services, well-being at work and management skills are developed together with Case companies and based on the results of the employee survey. Development targets are agreed with the company. There are information system studies (bachelor level) of Laurea integrated with the project.

Development of knowledge and well-being at work are supported through the range of training and events. The report results of the robotics are used in Robots and automation seminar in that envisions future prospects of the use of electronic means in care services in Spring 2017. The statistical data is used in the Robots and the Future of Welfare Services (ROSE) project.



Facts & Figures

Project Manager: Hannele Niiniö

Financier: Erasmus+
318 750 €
Duration: 1.9.2015-31.10.2017