​DeDiWe - The Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Services

In the project DeDiWe, a new curriculum, “The Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Services” is created. The new curriculum gives future professionals skills in developing improved eHealth services.

The curriculum is based on the Learning by Developing model, where students, professionals and teachers learn together in working life. This secures that the contents of studies correspond to the needs of the labor market. The studies take place mostly at an e-learning platform, combined with cross-border co-creation and cooperation.

The partners in Estonia, Latvia and Finland arrange a study unit piloting the curriculum. The content of the new curriculum is based on competence EQF 5-6 as well as the latest knowledge of the needs of a digital society. In the study unit, future professionals (IT, social, economic and health care) are developing their competence to match the needs of digital health care.

Digitalization has great potential to create new jobs in the Central Baltic region. By improving professionals’ eHealth competence, this project enhances business ecosystem development and creates better opportunities for public-private partnership, therefore supporting eHealth companies.

The total budget of the project is 451 412 euros, of which 347 128 euros is from the Central Baltic program. The total budget for Laurea is 202 352 euros, of which 151 764 euros is co-financing from the Central Baltic program.




​Facts & Figures

Project Manager: Outi Ahonen

Financier: Central Baltic

Funding: 347 128 €
Duration: 9/2015 -2/2018

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