​CIRCLE - New opportunities for energy and nutrient recycling in water supply

The main objective of the CIRCLE project is to enhance the recycling and re-use of energy and/or nutrients in municipal and agricultural water service processes and businesses in an economically and environmentally sensible way.

The project considers both networked approaches and site or process-related approaches to develop networked procedures that support technical, economical and sustainable development in municipal and agricultural water supply. The objective is to reduce the use of imported nutrients and energy in relation to the volume of production.

The project aims to identify and develop the water treatment process control, environmental issues, appropriate spatial data management and sophisticated digital information on water solutions, instrument clusters and networked operating models. The project also improves the abilities of Finnish players in the sector to grow their export activities.

The project utilizes the potential for added value of water supply. The project will accelerate and support the transition into blue energy and bio-economy, enhance the implementation of resource wise solutions in water supply, improve the cost efficiency of using nutrients and energy in water supply, improve the waste water treatment ratio and provide comparable data for the process, environmental effects and spatial data of water supply.


​Facts & Figures

Project Manager: Jukka Laitinen


Financier: EAKR / Uudenmaan liitto

Funding: 486 943 €
Duration: 9/2016 - 8/2018

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