​Building Skills and Communities Together

The project aims to improve the integration of immigrants with special focus on persons outside the labor force. Project aims to develop citizen-centered approaches to support the inclusion and social integration. The project utilize Multisensory Space method. This is a working model, in which people with diverse backgrounds work together building different kind of multisensory environments. Volunteers and students are key actors in the project, organizing activities with the help and support of the project’s experts.

The aim is to promote social and cultural sustainability and equality. Project activities promote people's well-being, sense of community and inclusion regardless to age, nationality or gender. The project will promote positive encounters of people from different backgrounds through the joint activities. These activities support participants' selfesteem and well-being. The project makes different cultural backgrounds visible, and support the activity and creativity of people with different backgrounds. Multisensory Space allows citizens to modify the public space. Project activities are open to all and public library as operating environment open the activities for all citizens.




Facts & Figures

Project Manager: Riikka Kanervo

Financier: Hämeen ELY-keskus / ESR
Funding: 364 150 €
Duration: 1.2.2017-31.1.2019