Kansainväliseen kasvuun digitaalisin työkaluin1.3.2018 0:00:0029.2.2020 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI3 Running CARD YrittäjyysEAKR 2014-2020997
Ammattikorkeakoulujen avoin TKI-toiminta, oppiminen ja innovaatioekosysteemi1.1.2018 0:00:0031.12.2020 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI3 Running CARD PedagogiikkaOKM Erityisavustus1009
Co-created Health and Wellbeing1.8.2018 0:00:0031.12.2020 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI3 Running CARD Terveys, hyvinvointi ja sosiaalinen vastuullisuusEAKR 2014-20201059
KINOS - Kasvua ja innovaatioita osaamisverkostoilla1.9.2018 0:00:0031.12.2020 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI3 Running CARD YrittäjyysEAKR 2014-20201072
Korkeasti koulutettujen maahanmuuttajien osaaminen käyttöön Suomessa1.9.2018 0:00:0030.6.2020 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI3 Running CARD Terveys, hyvinvointi ja sosiaalinen vastuullisuusOPH1183
Suomen ja ruotsin kielen joustava oppiminen ja ohjaus tulevaisuuden työelämän tarpeisiin https://blogs.aalto.fi/digijoujou/1.3.2017 0:00:0031.12.2019 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI3 Running CARD PedagogiikkaOKM Erityisavustus886
Desirable Future for Ageing People 1.1.2018 0:00:0030.4.2019 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI3 RunningThe research project attempts to accomplish the following specific objectives: To study aging people’s needs and preferences for assistive technology as well as expectations or conditions affecting their trust, acceptance and usage of innovative technologies that enable them to remain healthier and independent in their own homes for as long as possible. To identify the core gaps in information among potential users about currently available assistive technology, which respond to ageing people’s needs and preferences. To study the direct and indirect multidimensional impacts of assistive technology as well as smart living environment on the both individual level, i.e. aging people’s health, well-being and ability to live independently at home, and service system level, i.e. service needs and consumption. The discourse of “impact” is not limited only to analysis of desirable outcomes; risks of using assistive technology for active ageing will be also addressed. To introduce perspectives and opportunities for new businesses and services that will support building the desirable future of aging people as well as proposals for interventions to integrate appropriate tools and solutions of assistive technology into the municipality-based service system. CARD Terveys, hyvinvointi ja sosiaalinen vastuullisuus1 Muu kotimainen rahoitus996
The Arctic Operational Emergency Agency Innovation Platform1.1.2018 0:00:0031.12.2019 0:00:00International RDI3 Running CARD Yhtenäinen turvallisuus1 Other international fund1001
Palliatiivisen hoitotyön ja lääketieteen koulutuksen kehittäminen1.2.2018 0:00:0030.9.2020 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI3 RunningThe purpose of the project is to find out the current state of palliative nursing and medical education in Finland as well as to work with multi-professional specialists to describe palliative nursing and medical expertise to baseline (A) and to special levels (B/C). To create a nationwide recommendation on palliative nursing and medicine curriculum for the polytechnics and universities as well as to create a nationwide and coherent recommendations on specialist training in palliative nursing and medicine.As a result of the project, curricula and postgraduate systems based as well as internationally comparable tutorials and postgraduate education systems are available for internationally comparable standards to the needs of basic and special levels of palliative nursing and medicine. CARD Terveys, hyvinvointi ja sosiaalinen vastuullisuusOKM Erityisavustus1012
KIVAKO - Kielivarannon vahvistaminen korkeakouluissa www.kivako.fi1.2.2018 0:00:0031.12.2020 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI3 RunningThe project aims to improve the selection of study paths available for foreign language studies at higher education institutions by combining the old and developing new options as well through national and regional collaboration. The selection is made up of learning paths built in accordance with digital pedagogics from the A1 level to the C1 level and is open in the form of national and regional cooperation. Additionally, the project aims to develop a selfassessment tool for students as well as nation-wide networks for cooperation that will support the pedagogical education of teachers and the development of expertise. CARD PedagogiikkaOKM Erityisavustus1021