Hius- ja kauneudenhoitoalan terveyshaittojen ehkäisy (HIKAT)1.4.2015 0:00:0031.12.2016 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 EndedOPH429
RAdikalisaation ja Väkivaltaisen Ekstremismin Torjuntamalli Korkeakouluille15.2.2016 0:00:0014.2.2017 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 EndedTuomas Tammilehto tel. +358-(0)50-5851955 tuomas.tammilehto@laurea.fi CARD Yhteiskunnan eheys ja sosiaalinen vastuullisuusSisäisen turvallisuuden rahasto (ISF)705
HEA, Hyvinvointia ja energiatehokkuutta asumiseen; innovaatioympäristön ja käyttäjätiedot hyodyntäminen hyvinvoinnissa ja energiasäästössähttp://hea.metropolia.fi/1.9.2011 0:00:0028.2.2014 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 Ended e) Learning by Developing toteutuu; b) Kansallinen hankeEAKR 2007-2013171
Korkeakoulujen ja yritysten verkottunut yhteistyö Itämeren alueen maissa (BOAT)1.1.2012 0:00:0030.6.2014 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 EndedPrincipal Lecturer Tarja Meristö, tarja.meristö@laurea.fi, Project Manager Anneli Manninen, anneli.manninen@keuda.fi b) Kansallinen hankeESR 2007-2013184
Entre akatemia - Tukea yrittäjyyteenhttp://www.lamk.fi/entreakatemiahttp://www.entreakatemia.fi/1.5.2011 0:00:0030.4.2014 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 Ended e) Learning by Developing toteutuu; b) Kansallinen hankeESR 2007-2013264
Välittävät Valittavat Verkostothttp://www.laurea.fi/vvv1.8.2013 0:00:0031.12.2015 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 EndedVälittävät Valittavat Verkostot is a research project by Laurea University of Applied Sciences which aims to research and develop a) residents’ participation in neighborhood development b) a networking model for regional development and cooperation c) efficient means for stakeholder cooperation. Action research is implemented in collaboration with residents, developers, communities and companies. Research and development is focused on the area of Espoon Keskus in the city of Espoo. The project creates knowledge about actors’ networks and goals in the region. The project’s main objective is to create a local model for urban development which empowers residents to participate in city planning. The project is funded by the Ministry of Environment.Project Manager Soile Juujärvi PhD, adjunct professor in social psychology email: soile.juujarvi(at)laurea.fi mob: 358-40-7231420 b) Kansallinen hankeARA300
Cross-Border Photonics Initiative1.11.2012 0:00:0030.11.2014 0:00:00International RDI4 EndedThe project aims to foster photonics technologies for economic growth and to increase cross-border collaboration between universities and photonics companies. It also aims building synergies between universities and high-tech companies in photonics and optics and boost identification and promotion of regional expertise and application-driven networks in photonics. The project has four specific objectives to cover its activities: Education for high level specialists and creation of educational programs; Development of regional word-class Innovation & Research networks; Technology & Industry aspects and development of regional infrastructure for supporting prerequisites of future photonics technology and platforms. Head of RDI planning Jaakko Tyni, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, tel. +358400 325 387 Principal Lecturer Juha Knuuttila, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, tel. +35840 520 9866 Project Worker Laura Tarkkanen, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, tel. +35840 669 2611 Project Coordinator Olga Shishkina,St.Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics & Optics, tel. +7 812 457 17 90, email: olga.shishkina1987@gmail.com e) Learning by Developing toteutuu; a) Kansainvälinen hankeENPI CBC 2007-2013307
PERSEUS (Protection of European borders and Seas Through the Intelligent Use of Surveillance)http://www.perseus-fp7.eu/1.1.2011 0:00:0030.6.2015 0:00:00International RDI4 EndedPerseus contributes to Europe's efforts to monitor illegal migration and combat related crime and goods smuggling. The project proposes a large scale demonstration of a EU Maritime surveillance System of Systems on the basis of existing national systems and platforms. Perseus enhances the existing national systems and platforms with innovative capabilities and moves beyond EUROSUR's 2013 expectations, addressing key challenges: - supporting the network created by National Contact Centres, Frontex and EMSA through increased capabilities, including transnational exchange of useful and available information, and associated procedures and mechanisms, thereby supporting the creation of a common information sharing environment - generation of a common situational picture - improved detection and identification of non collaborative/suspicious small boats and low flying aircraft - enhanced and increasingly automated detection of abnormal vessel behaviours, identification of threats and tracking of reporting and non-reporting vesselsProject Manager Anssi Kuusela, +358 40 715 4107 e) Learning by Developing toteutuu; b) Kansallinen hankeFP7 Cooperation43
mHealth boosterhttp://www.laurea.fi/mhealthboosterhttp://twitter.com/mHealthBooster1.8.2013 0:00:0031.12.2014 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 EndedmHealth booster is a project funded by the European Development Fund (ESR) and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Uusimaa (ELY Centre), and the purpose is to design and execute user-oriented development environments to support and promote coping at home by utilizing healthcare technology. The project objectives are: - Increasing and promoting the business of well-being technology companies - Increasing employment for the well-being industry and targeting the posts for the available ICT-experts - Utilising the possibilities of the healthcare technology solutions developed by companies and enabling their testing in the development environments - Through research to ensure the technological know-how of the students and personnel in a real operating environments - Producing research data of the effectiveness of the technology-based solutions. The purpose of the project is to design and produce development environments for the cities of Espoo and Vantaa, where different products and services are tested together with the end users, the companies and the experts. In addition to testing, the development environments are used for education and instructing the personnel working with the customer groups. The development environments in the City of Vantaa are the easy-to-approach technology experimenting area and testing point and Technology Library at the Tikkurila Library, and a mobile application for the youth. In the City of Espoo, the easy-to-approach technology experimenting areas and testing points are located at the Soukka Service Center and at the Tapiola Health Center. Read more about the development environments at: http://www.laurea.fi/en/mHealthboosteri/mhealthbooster/development%20environments/Pages/default.aspx. mHealth booster promotes the development and implementation of health and well-being technology products and services to support people´s well-being, rehabilitation, coping at home and life management. Frank Ryhänen Project Manager frank.ryhanen@laurea.fi Paula Lehto Researcher paula.lehto@laurea.fi Katariina Raij Researcher katariina.raij@laurea.fi Eeva Järveläinen Researcher eeva.jarvelainen@laurea.fi b) Kansallinen hankeESR 2007-2013312
TrAining High tEch seniors for Discovery www.aheadproject.net1.11.2013 0:00:0031.10.2015 0:00:00International RDI4 EndedThe project will produce a training programme and set of resources, aimed at enabling seniors to record their travelling experience, and their knowledge and experience in digital format, exploiting in particular innovative tools and technologies. The benefits of such will be twofold: on one hand, it will make it easier to build networks with other groups of seniors and with different generations. On the other hand, it will promote seniors’ active aging and improvement of their ICT competencies, which are fundamental to take part in nowadays’ society life, activities and changes. Also a side effect would result from the project implementation, which is a new community and bottom-up approach to tourism planning. In particular, an application for mobile devices will be developed, and will specifically target seniors.Virpi Kaartti, virpi.kaartti@laurea.fi e) Learning by Developing toteutuu; a) Kansainvälinen hankeLLP Grundtvik333