HEA, Hyvinvointia ja energiatehokkuutta asumiseen; innovaatioympäristön ja käyttäjätiedot hyodyntäminen hyvinvoinnissa ja energiasäästössähttp://hea.metropolia.fi/1.9.2011 0:00:0028.2.2014 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 Ended b) Kansallinen hanke; e) Learning by Developing toteutuuEAKR 2007-2013171
Korkeakoulujen ja yritysten verkottunut yhteistyö Itämeren alueen maissa (BOAT)1.1.2012 0:00:0030.6.2014 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 Ended b) Kansallinen hankeESR 2007-2013184
Entre akatemia - Tukea yrittäjyyteenhttp://www.lamk.fi/entreakatemiahttp://www.entreakatemia.fi/1.5.2011 0:00:0030.4.2014 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 Ended b) Kansallinen hanke; e) Learning by Developing toteutuuESR 2007-2013264
Hius- ja kauneudenhoitoalan terveyshaittojen ehkäisy (HIKAT)1.4.2015 0:00:0031.12.2016 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 EndedOPH429
Radikalisaation ja Väkivaltaisen Ekstremismin Torjuntamalli Korkeakouluille15.2.2016 0:00:0031.5.2017 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 Ended CARD Terveys, hyvinvointi ja sosiaalinen vastuullisuus; CARD Yhtenäinen turvallisuusSisäisen turvallisuuden rahasto (ISF)705
6Aika: Datasta oivalluksia ja bisnestä 1.8.2016 0:00:0031.12.2017 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 Ended CARD Palvelumuotoilu ja liiketoimintamallitEAKR 2014-2020744
EXPAT- Innovative Services for Internationals - easier access to the CBSR1.1.2012 0:00:0030.6.2014 0:00:00International RDI4 EndedThe project seeks to facilitate the improvement of services and networks available to the international talents and their families before their departure from their home country, upon their arrival in the region and during their stay. This means, for example: Ensuring the visibility and accessibility of accurate information on the region and immigration procedures already in the country of origin. Better coordination among the public service providers for all the necessary registration, permits and practical information for newcomers. And physical and digital spaces for professional and social networking with both locals and other internationals.The added value of the project is in combining existing social and professional networks into one platform. Furthermore this platform will also act as an information channel for the public administration to efficiently communicate with international talents. 1.The social network platform will be piloted to a) enhance the interaction between internationals and locals. A place where they can meet and get to know each through hobbies and leisure activities. b) improve access to the practical knowledge on living in the CBSR e.g. taxation, civil rights and benefits 2.An information package on soft departure to the CBSR 3.Improved soft landing services through stakeholder cooperation, including potential creation of new services 4.Reports on the themes of social networks, soft departure and soft landing services a) Kansainvälinen hankeInterreg IVA (Central Baltic)142
Development of Society and Organisation Security Programmes 2017http://www.turiba.lv/en/sadarbiba/international-projects/development-of-society-and-organisation-security-programmes-2017/537/1.9.2017 0:00:0031.8.2018 0:00:00International RDI4 EndedIn frame of the project partners will audit their study methods, Security related programs, will identify needs for future development, will prepare and publish the book, as well as will gather Security specialists and experts. The developed book will be innovative study material for students and experts in Security field, it will be fully integrated in study program of all partners. This project will also give new perspectives in cross-border and international security issues. CARD Yhtenäinen turvallisuusNordplus Higher Education998
Pumppuhttps://www.laurea.fi/hankkeet/pumppu1.5.2011 0:00:0031.5.2014 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 EndedPumppu project is a cross regional project aiming at developing citizen centric welfare services with multiple service providers. The subproject of the Laurea University of Applied Sciences focuses on welfare services arranged around the care pathway, or to stress the pervasiveness of prevention and health promotion in all areas of live, the wellbeing pathway. It is here suggested that a better motivation for healthier lifestyles and empowerment in daily life requires that the services of different services providers are seamlessly connected, with support and information available throughout the wellbeing path. Also the knowhow and attitudes of all the actors must be thought of. b) Kansallinen hanke; e) Learning by Developing toteutuu CARD Terveys, hyvinvointi ja sosiaalinen vastuullisuusEAKR 2007-2013149
Rocket Laureawww.hamk.fi/rocket1.11.2009 0:00:0030.4.2013 0:00:00Kansallinen TKI4 Ended b) Kansallinen hanke; e) Learning by Developing toteutuuEAKR 2007-2013152