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LbD4All Material

New ways of acting are needed in comprehensive schools in order to meet the changing needs of the wider society. This site contains material for those interested in the development of teaching in comprehensive schools. The material provides a versatile introduction to Laurea’s pedagogical action model Learning by Developing (LbD) and its adaptation for comprehensive schools (LbD4All). The material contains the LbD4All Guide which introduces the action model LbD4All and provide stimuli in order to apply this model in comprehensive schools and the series of guidebooks and 5 videos which describe the different dimensions of the LbD4All action model. This material has been developed as part of the Comenius project LeTeEm (Learners, Teachers and Employers). During the project this action model will be piloted in Europe. The material has been funded by the European Commission. The Commission accepts no responsibility for the contents of the material.

LbD4All Guide 

LbD4All Guidebook Series

LbD4All Guidebook Series on YouTube (videos)