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Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Laurea StartUp

Entrepreneurship at Laurea means either establishing an enterprise, or simply utilising one's knowledge and skills in an entrepreneurial fashion, and an active and innovative approach to work.

We offer information, skills, inspiration, networks, and various channels for entrepreneurship and the utilisation of innovations.

 Learning - knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship

Varied studies for abilities linked with entrepreneurship and innovation activities are possible in separate degree programmes and study entities. You can supplement your abilities also through different kinds of events, competitions, or possibly even by taking part in international entrepreneurship camps, research and development projects, and growth company programmes.
You can also study entrepreneurship in practice through different kinds of project work, or by completing your traineeship in a start-up company - even your own.
Laurea campuses have different kinds of development environments and pre-incubators in which it is possible to learn from other would-be entrepreneurs, and get support, guidance, and advice on your own business path. Teachers and separately named experts also help in special field-specific questions. 

 Activation - inspirations, networks, and entrepreneurial attitude

We regularly arrange different types of networking events together with the Laurea Entrepreneurship Society  (LaureaES). At these events you can meet other students interested in starting a business, get to know start-up entrepreneurs, and possibly even present your own business ideas and get feedback for them from external corporate development experts.
The international Cambridge VentureCamp events have played an important role in the advancement of Laurea's student entrepreneurship for several years.  Already about 200 students from different institutions of higher education have taken part in the camps. Students participating in a Cambridge VentureCamp have proven to be very active in setting new start-up companies and have succeeded very well in different kinds of competitions for business ideas and growth companies. Student entrepreneurs from Laurea have established more than 150 start-ups so far. 
Teams taking part in the SENSE business idea competition, arranged by three universities of applied sciences are given guidance in the development of their own business ideas, presenting their ideas to the judges and competíng for victory with their ideas in different series. Laurea’s new student enterprise of the year is also selected annually.

Entrepreneurship and innovation services - developing business ideas and businesses

Spinno Enterprise Center is a business incubator targeting high-tech and knowledge-based start-ups aiming at rapid growth. We help our clients to find seed funding and help them build international growth companies out of promising business ideas. We also work with local universities, research institutions and businesses to establish spin-off companies.

 Research and development projects focusing on entrepreneurship

We work with wide range of research and development networks with the goal of developing new practices and models in the field of innovations and entrepreneurship. Research and development projects also offer growth companies an opportunity to improve their skills and gives them a chance to start globalizing their business in these entrepreneurial and innovation hubs.



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​Contact information:

Entrepreneurship Team
Erja Annola
Maija Huhta
Taina Kilpinen
Pia Kiviharju
Anu Lindström
Marjo Ruuti
Antti Sekki

Campus contact persons
Erja Annola: Porvoo
Maija Huhta: Hyvinkää, Lohja
Anu Lindström: Tikkurila
Marjo Ruuti: Leppävaara, Otaniemi





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