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With All Senses - Developing Open Learning Environments


September 2011- February 2015

  • coordinator: Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • partners:  Heinolan kansalaisopisto (Heinola Adult Education), Hämeen Kylät ry (Regional Village Association), The City of Vantaa, The Provincial Museum of Lapland, Päivälehti museum and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • funded by the European Social Fund


Goals of the Project were following:

  1. to develop a model of multisensory space as an open learning environment
    • the multisensory space is used, for example, for collecting local memories and history, for promoting multiculturalism and as an inspirational learning environment.
    • the model can be applied in open multisensory learning environments in different contexts and utilized in the activities of different organizations, such as learning institutions, libraries and museums
  2. to create local and national networks in which the method is developed
  3. to develop the technical realization of the multisensory space


In project

  • each partner made  pilots  ( 28 all together) to test the method for different target groups
  • organized seminars  to disseminate the method
  • worked in national and regional networks to develop the method as open learning environment
  • published the hand book and websides  about the method (

Project background

The development process of the Multisensory Method started at Laurea in 2007-2008 as student projects. In 2009-2010, the method was further developed in a project called Encounters in multisensory space which was granted partial funding from The European Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals.


Brochure of the project


Reports in English

Minttu Räty 2014 "The Multisensory Space" - a new learning environment

Sari Myréen 2014  Foreign Language Learning in the Multisensory Space

Liisa Lassila  2014  How to modify an Ordinary Classroom to a Multisensory Space

Tiina Wikström 2014  Chai and Sauna - the Multisensory Space as an Open Learning Environment

Heli Laurikainen 2014 Untula - how to make the history of the community multisensory

Heli Laurikainen 2014 "The future space" - How to use the Multisensory Space for community and village planning

Minttu Räty 2011  "The Multisensory Space" - a new Method for Multicultural Education and Support of Cultural Identity  


For additional information, please contact:

Minttu Räty
Project Manager
Laurea University of Applied Sciences
+358 (0)400 947