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Technology Library's Living Lab is situated at Laurea Tikkurila and you can book product presentations for various groups in there. Technology Library's presentation point is situated in Hakunila's library and is intended for active seniors who are interested in their own health and its promotion. Technology Library is a low-threshold test point, where the elderly, their families, professionals and people of different ages can come and visit and try out the new wellbeing products, services and applications.

Technology Library's aim is to increase people's awareness of wellbeing technologies, support for seniors and their family well-being and independent living at home by means of electronic solutions. And also to promote user-oriented product development of technology. In addition, the aim is to strengthen the customer's self-care ability and inclusion to promote their own well-being, and to support technological development and deepening of users.

These products are available for testing (on site) and the students and staff from Laurea will be present to help you.  The Presentation point is open every Monday 13:00 - 16:00 and the students and staff will be present to tell about the products.  When the Point is not open, the products are not available to view or try out. In addition, it is possible to lend some of the products. Lending activities are carried out in conjunction with the staff of Hakunila library.

Note: We do not sell the products that we are showing, our purpose is to share knowledge about different solutions in the market.

Products available for lending

Hakunila library

- Please Note that these are links to Helmet-library service, where you can loan these products. Product descriptions can be found at the Products and Partners -page.

- Addoz Med-O-Wheel Secure - Safety Pill Dispenser

- Digital magnifier Uemax 3,5”

- StrideLight LED: Walking Cane with a LED Light

- BungyPump: Walking Poles

- Mobilux LED magnifiers

- Microlife-Blood pressure meter










Borrowing status of the product can be found from Helmet.


Hakunila Library, Kimokuja 5