Product & Service Overview

Below is an overview of the products and services that we feature and other cooperation projects in welfare area aswell:


Addoz Ltd
Product:  Addoz Med-O-Wheel Secure, Safety pill dispenser
More information:  Addoz.pdf / Video/ Website

Anglo-Nordic Ltd
Doro, easy to use mobile phones.
Products: Doro_Secure_580.pdf / Doro_Liberto_820_(smartphone).pdf/Doro_PhoneEasy_624_(clamshellphone).pdf  
Videos: Doro Liberto/   Doro clamshell phone

More info: Website

Apu ja Turva AT
Apu ja Turva AT enables living at home safe through it's aid products for the elderly, the disabled, children and adults.
Safety Phone pdf/ GPS tracker pdf/ Doorbell with camera pdfWireless  video doorbell with phone pdf
Videos: Safety Phone / GPS tracker / Doorbell with camera / Wireless video doorbell with phone
More info: Website

Biisafe Ltd
Product: Biisafe Buddy- safety button

More information: Biisafe.pdf / Video/ Website

Emfit Ltd
Product: Safebed Cloud is a improved safeft service for older people living alone or in elderly homecare. It allows you to easily keep track of customers' movement , rest and well-being.  
More information: Emfit_Safebed.pdf / Video/ Website

Franck Import Ltd
Minifinder locater

More information: minifinder.pdf/ Video/ Website

Greenday Promotions Ltd
Product: Bungypump Fitness Stick
More information: Greenday_Promotion_BungyPump.pdf/ Video/ Webpage

Innohome Ltd
Product: Safety Alarm SA 101 and Safety Guard SGK 500 
More information:Innohome_Safety Alarm.pdf / Video/Innohome_Safety Guard.pdf / Video

Kuulotekniikka Ltd
Product:  Bellman Audio Max/ Wireless Headphones, Hearing aids and services.
More information:  
Bellman_pdf /  Website / Wirless Headphone_pdf /  Video1  /  Video2

Liike4k Ltd
Product: Microlife BPA200 AFIB – Blood pressure meter
Info:  Liike4_blood Pressure Monitor.pdf / Video 1 / Video 2/ Website
More info:
User manual
Blood pressure monitoring table can be downloaded from click here!

Menumat Ltd
Product: Catering Equipment
More information: menumat_automatic_meal.pdf/ Video/ Website

Optiikka Juurinen Ltd
Eschenbach Mobilux LED magnifiers with light
Eschenbach MaxTV Clip and
Digital magnifier Uemax 3,5” and Uemax 4,3”

StrideLight - a cane with a led-light
More information: Website
Mobilux LED.pdf
Digital magnifier Uemax.pdf / Video 1Video 2
MaxTV_clip.pdf / Video 

WopiFrame.aspx / StrideLight - cane's video

Safera Ltd
Product: Safera stove guard
More information: Safera.pdf / Video/ Website

Seniortek Ltd
Product: Care Safety Service (Flower pole)
More information: Senioritek.pdf / Video/ Website

Solarch Ltd
Product: ActiveMEDI - Products that let medical staff gather health info from you quickly using NFC-tech
More information: Website

Solentium Ltd
Product: Memoera - Easy-to-use device, which has lots of cognitive exercises for activating memory & brains
More information: Website

Turvallinen Koti Ltd
Product: Limmex - safety watch, Vega GPS watch, Veloped outdoor rollater
More information: TurvallinenKoti_Limmex.pdf / TurvallinenKoti_VegaGps.pdf / TurvallinenKoti_Veloped.pdf/ Website

Vivago Ltd
Product: DOMI - emergency phone, Safety watches, services that follow and analyze your activity levels
More information: vivago.pdf  / Video/ Website

Yepzon Ltd
Product: GPS Locater
More information: Yepzon.pdf/ Video/ Website


Circly Ltd (Pieni Piiri Oy)
Product: Circly Video call service
More information: Circly.pdf / Video/ Website

Dra Consulting Ltd
Product: Feenix Medication Review Service
More information: DRA_Consulting_Oy_Feenix.pdf/ Website

Edis Pia Laurila Ltd
Product: Edis Webshop
More information: Edis_webshop.pdf/ Website

Fenno Medical Ltd
Product: (webshop) 
More information: Fenno_Medical_Fennokauppa.pdf/ Website

Kodinelektroniikan Käyttöapu Valtonen Ltd
Getting guidance and assistance in problem situations in your home, for example, TV, set-top box, PC, mobile phone or tablet with!
More information: Website

Oppifi Ltd
Product: Eqooq Recollection & Life Story Service
More information:
epooq.pdf / Video/ Website

Sentina Ltd
Product: Sound Vitamins
More information:Sävelsirkku.pdf/ Website








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