Student Participation

Interns and students

Message from the Project Managers

Students will continue to be heavily involved in development environments, as well as that produced by brainstorming the implementation of the project.

To ensure the students' knowledge about the product and the adequacy of control of attention is paid in the form of a new online support. The intention is that the same students would work in the future both in Vantaa and Espoo development environments. This gives them the opportunity to become familiar with Hakunila Technology Library.

The used working methods are similar with those of project working; this kind of working ensures flexible schedules, the work assignments can be tailored for every student individually. This way the work will stay interesting and motivating. The work that Technology library offers can be anything: customer service, showcasing of the products, marketing, communications, product development, organizing events and for example projects for businesses.

 Technology library's studying environment is open for all Laurea's students regardless of their campus, studying branch or progress of their studies.

Marking in curriculum vitae (CV)  about project working with welfare technology opens many doors in the participants future!

Versatile learning environment for all students in every education sector

 Case 1. Versatile internships

A total number of seven students have completed their internship in TL’s study environment. The total amount of accomplished study points is currently 153. During their internships the students have been able to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the study environment’s activities. During their internships the students have for example planned and produced a new logo for TL. This logo is used in all of TL's communications.

Case 2. The course integrations by social and healthcare branch

Through the study program of social and healthcare, integrations have been made on various courses. A total amount of 56 students have participated on these courses and they have cumulated 103 study points.

Case 3. The integration of language studies

Laurea’s every student takes on studies in English and Swedish. It has been possible to connect these studies to TL. TL’s and Vård på svenska course’s co-project was carried out in fall 2015, and 40 students participated in it.

Case 4. Business economics student's projects

TL is not just social and healthcare student’s study environment, even so the products appear to be from the branch. Business economics students can also take a part in the action, and they give it a different perspective. During the fall of 2016 there are two business projects on the schedule; the other is taken care by Lohja's economics students of Laurea and the other one by Tikkurila's P2P students. The findings will be used to profit the future of TL.

Case 5. Company projects

The studies inside TL can be direct projects to TL's partner companies, these projects support the partner's business endeavors, and at the same time students see entrepreneurship from a different angle. There's a steady flow of company project inquiries, so Laurea's students are wanted for their project skills.

Case 6. The course welfare technology in TL

The course was developed for TL exclusively, and it can be carried out in a scale from 3 to 5 study points. During the course one can orientate to products, writing a blog or an essay and everyday working in TL; every student’s personal interests and wishes will be taken in consideration. All of the development products are made by the students, but they are planned and executed together.



Description of the course: Teknologialainaamo-opintojakson kuvaus, 3-5 op.pdf

Feedback for the participated students:

"The project gave me new expertise, like customer service skills and basic information about welfare technology."

"I got more self-confidence and courage to introduce products to the customers."

"I believe that in the future well-being technology's role will be larger. These devices will certainly be useful for many different departments."

"Activities within Technology library are diverse and resilient, and you can implement yourself in changing study environment."

Example student projects:

"Presentation video about A&T AT's dooreye camera."

"Russian product descriptions at the Products and Partners -page."