Get to know Welfare Technology - Technology Library's activities and objectives

The welfare technology exhibitions, that were designed and piloted as a part of the mHealth booster project, is currently located in  Technology Library (also known as Teknologialainaamo®), which resides in the Hakunila library in Vantaa on mondays from 1 pm to 4 pm (this mentioned time information stands as for autumn 2016).

As the primary goal remains to be to design, produce and develop customer-oriented development environments, where small- and medium-sized welfare technology companies can conduct product trials and offer their services to customers in a low threshold operational environment. The developed showing - loaning - returning concept will be continued in the future.

One of our goals is also to increase people's knowledge about welfare technology and to support user's ability to learn how to use welfare technology and how to understand it's offered possibilities accordingly. Our mission is to support elderly people and their relative's well-being, independent living at home and ability to sustain this way of living by using different electric devices and social services. This way we attempt to strengthen customer's self-caring abilities and participate in their process for overall well-being. In addition, one important goal for us is also to develop our partner's customer oriented product development; this means the showing  of the products we currently have in display from our partners. One relevant target group for this is also the social- and health sector´s professionals and students, who we think have a significant impact on elderly customers and their relative's welfare technology usage and commissioning.

Technology library's activities are being integrated to be a permanent part of Laurea for entire of Laurea's student body, and it's meant to be a study environment for all Laurea's education sectors. This study environment is a place where students get together with newest innovations from welfare technology field. In addition, students familiarize themselves to different technology and service solutions. They will be also working in close-knit relationship with customers.

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Baseline for the activity:

  •  The growing interest rate of mainly seniors and their families, in welfare technology solutions.

  • Increase of the implementation of information technology in both social care and healthcare.

  • Increased demand of services meant for senior citizens.

  • Developments in Finnish elder care law: independent living accommodations are now the state's primary choice when it comes to housing the elderly. Increased focus towards pre-emptive measures in elder care and advancing the general well-being and health of seniors influenced our activity.

  • A general lack of user-oriented development environments.

  • The results from the mHealth booster project.

  • Our cooperation partners views on the essentiality of our activity (companies, third sector organizations and public sector operators such as libraries and elder services).

  • The received positive feedback from the customers regarding our activity.



mHealth Booster

Learn from where it all began and how this was reached.  mHealth Booster project site.


Laurea's Yhdessä Terveempi Uusimaa (Together Healthier Uusimaa) project's  brochure can be found here: Yhdessä Terveempi Uusimaa -hankkeen esite.PDF

















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