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Kalasatama: Co-designing Wellbeing

The Kalasatama Wellbeing piloting programme offers companies an opportunity to develop solutions together with users and partner companies in a real urban environment. The purpose of the programme is to seek new solutions that improve the residents’ wellbeing, for example through remote digital solutions. Laurea University of Applied Sciences is responsible for the evaluation of the pilots and the whole process.

  • Implementation date9/1/2017 - 12/31/2018
  • Funder1 Muu kotimainen rahoitus
  • Research areaSustainable and versatile social and health care
  • Project typeKansallinen TKI

The Kalasatama Wellbeing piloting programme develops digital solutions that support wellbeing and health in collaboration with citizens, the Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Centre and business partners. The main steps of the project are the following:

  1. Deciding the thematic areas of the challenges to be opened to all the actors. It was decided that the pilots will focus on the following challenges:
    - How can citizens better take care of their personal wellbeing and health every day? How can digital solutions and related services improve citizens’ capability to have an active life? Social relationships, mental wellbeing, everyday physical exercise, nutrition and rest – all of these affect our wellbeing, both together and separately.
    -How can the urban environment support health and wellbeing? How can the solutions use the physical spaces and opportunities of the area to improve the wellbeing of the citizens? The solutions can also use existing data, such as geographic information, or other data from the area and partners.

  2. Open call for start-ups and other actors to send an offer for a pilot focusing on co-designing solutions for the above-mentioned challenges. About 30 offers were received. Nine candidates were invited for a Jam event 7.3.2018. After a pitching session, five pilots were chosen to be implemented: Auntie, MealLogger, MelloVR, Miils, and Moodmetric.

  3. Agile pilots in Kalasatama, March-November 2018
    The pilots have been implemented from March 2018 onwards as “sprints” which will last up to six months. Smart Kalasatama Living Lab led by Forum Virium Helsinki facilitates the piloting and, among other things, supports the teams in contacting and collaborating with the residents and operators in the area. The teams piloting can also join the active business network of the area. Laurea University of Applied Sciences is responsible for assessing all the pilots.  Read more about the pilots:

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