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A detailed Evaluation Plan will be prepared for each and every exercise. In terms of successful evaluation execution, the evaluation team with the lead of Main Evaluator will be established for each exercise. The evaluation questions are pre-defined and based on the evaluation framework and design. They are both quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative data-gathering is supported by a custom made iPad application, the ENQUIRYA© Evaluation Tool, which enables the gathering of large quantitative data. The qualitative data gathering is supported by evaluation sheets, where evaluators can write down their findings. To collect the evaluation data, the evaluation team will use a mix of methods, enabling data triangulation and validation:

DESK RESEARCH: Before and after the exercise, the evaluators will do a review of the participants procedures etc.

OBSERVATIONS: The evaluators' observations are an important source of information as it is directly observed data

INTERVIEWS: Key informants (team leaders, trainers, exercise control) will be interviewed.

HOT-WASH UP: After the exercise a trainer's feedback session and/or hot wash up is usually held.



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