Ordering CoCo Tool Kit - CoCo Cosmos 2.0

Are you interested? Here's how to order the CoCo Tool Kit - CoCo Cosmos 2.0:

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Price: 495€ + 24% VAT & Shipping costs

Delivery: 6 weeks by mail

Method of payment: Credit card

Further inquiries by e-mail: coco@laurea.fi


CoCo Tool Kit - CoCo Cosmos 2.0 is a Service Design Tool for Co-Creation and Innovation within organizations, public sector and individuals. It is a visually powerful tool for adapting co-creation into organisations activities.

CoCo Tool Kit - CoCo Cosmos 2.0 contains following parts:

  • CoCo Cosmos game board
  • Over 200 cards:
    • Turquoise, Green and Light blue cards stands for the stakeholder cards. One color stands for the customer, one for the service supplier and one for the other actors and stakeholders
    • Pink cards Results & aimed outcomes
    • Black cards Physical and virtual places where actions happen
    • Beige cards Action & behavior
  • 3 black white board markers
  • 1 red white board marker
  • 1 green white board marker
  • 1 cleaning cloth





​Contact information

​​You can send your questions about CoCo Tool Kit by e-mail to: coco@laurea.fi