Ordering CoCo Tool Kit

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Price: 495€ + 24% VAT & Shipping costs

Delivery: 6 weeks by mail

Method of payment: Credit card

Further inquiries by e-mail: outi.kinnunen@laurea.fi



CoCo Tool Kit includes

The CoCo Tool Kit is a collection of five tools and a workbook that are designed to support service businesses in adapting co-creation activities.

CoCo Tool Kit Workbook (in English)

A memory stick (at the cover of the book, from where you can print out forms) which includes:

  • CoCo Interview - Interview questions in English and Finnish
  • CoCo Self-assessment - Self -assessment forms in English and Finnish
  • CoCo Continuum, for handeling the outcomes of interview and self -assessment, in English and Finnish
  • CoCo Tree -  tree for visualization of outcomes, in English and Finnish
  • CoCo Cosmos - Printable game board and cards with an overview of the cards


CoCo Cosmos



  • CoCo Cosmos game board
  • CoCo Cosmos Card
  • Black, green and red white board markers
  • A cleaning cloth to clean the cards and board

CoCo Workbook answers the question of what is meant by Co-Creation and shows you how you can adopt a Co-Creative business approach.



​Contact information

​​You can send your questions about CoCo Tool Kit by e-mail to: outi.kinnunen@laurea.fi or you can call directly: +358 50 3015069