What is Co-Creation?

Co-creation might appear to have several meanings since business people, consultants, and researchers offer various and sometimes rather contradictory definitions of the concept. Here, we will briefly explain how the CoCo Tool Kit approaches ‘co-creation’ at the managerial level. The CoCo framework approaches ‘cocreation’ as an umbrella concept that covers several other ‘co-‘ terms, i.e. value co-creation, co-production, co-design, and co-innovation (see figure below). The CoCo framework sees co-creation through three different lenses in service business:

1. A value co-creation view embedded in strategic thinking and business models

2. A co-production view embedded in customer relationships and interactions

3. A co-design and co-innovation view embedded in service design.

The CoCo framework

These three different lenses have each five sub-lenses
for co-creation in service businesses and will be discussed in the
CoCo Tool Kit in more detail.

(Keränen & al. 2013)