iEER workshop builds a more entrepreneur-friendly Uusimaa

​On Tuesday 23 May, Finnish EU-financed iEER project actors Uusimaa Regional Council and Laurea ran a joint 'From Buzz to Growth' workshop in Helsinki. The workshop brought together more than 40 entrepreneurs and players involved in entrepreneurship to reflect upon what sort of grassroots measures might be needed to make Uusimaa Europe's leading growth environment for startup companies.

The workshop was introduced by Outi Mäkelä, Member of Parliament and Chair of the Uusimaa Regional Board. In her opening address, she emphasised that now was an excellent time to develop new kinds of services to support entrepreneurship among the young.

- Firstly, attitudes among young people have changed: entrepreneurship is seen more and more as an attractive option for the future, she said.
- Likewise, the reform of the regions now in progress will provide a unique opportunity at the same time to establish a proper entrepreneurship support network in Uusimaa.   And now, more than ever, the various actors have a real chance to cooperate and collaborate.

Help to apply for financing and internationalisation.

The workshop was in two sessions. First, in groups, participants pondered the problems that startup entrepreneurs or operators supporting entrepreneurship come up against in Uusimaa. In the second session practical solutions were sought to the problems identified. The workshop groups were formed so that each had at least one start-up entrepreneur in it.

The workshop on identified problems focused on such issues as how to establish networks supporting entrepreneur development, the fragmented nature of applications for, and receipt of, funding, and the lack of expertise in the area of internationalisation.

The next step will be to judge the feasibility of the solutions to the challenges that were arrived at in the workshop and then establish a roadmap towards a more entrepreneur-friendly Uusimaa.

The iEER project is up and running in 10 countries

The workshop aside, two experienced entrepreneurship all-rounders brought a sense of inspiration to their listeners. The first of them was Toni Laturi, organiser of the GigaVaasa project for a Tesla billion euro battery factory in Vaasa. The other inspirational talk at the workshop was given by Risto Rautakorpi, mentor and investor who has worked with more than 50 startups.

The iEER project is up and running in 10 countries. Its aim is to promote cooperation between actors to support young entrepreneurs and to improve levels of innovation and competitiveness in the regions by providing startup entrepreneurs with better services. The project, which is financed under the EU Interreg Europe programme, is coordinated in Finland as a partnership between Uusimaa Regional Council and Laurea. More information on the project can be found here.


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