Who will be the 2015 Alumni of the Year?

The Laurea Alumni of the Year Award has been given since 2008 as part of the Grand Alumni Evening organised in May each year.

The selection process has emphasised the highlighting of one's own education and connection with Laurea, networking accomplishments, and promotion of cooperative activities. Emphasis has also been placed on the positive development of working life and the work community.

Laurea Alumni of the Year Award winners:
2008 Jussi Vyyryläinen
2009 Peter Kalanzi
2010 Antti Seppinen
2011 Sara Asteljoki
2012 Lauri Pipinen
2013 Jere Peltonen
2014 Riina Rupponen

In honour of President Pentti Rauhala, who retired in 2011, it was decided that from now on the Alumni of the Year Award will be known as the Pentti Rauhala Award.

Candidate proposals for the award can be made by all Laurea graduates and Laurea staff. The selection is made by Laurea's Alumni Activities Development Group on the basis of the proposals received. The 2015 Alumni of the Year will be announced on 28 May during the Grand Alumni Evening in Helsinki.

It is requested that proposals for Alumni of the Year be sent by 27 April at the latest.

Nominate your choice for the Alumni of the Year Award through this link.

Modified 4/21/2015 9:05 AM

Riina Rupponen, ​Alumni of the Year 2014.